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Elections 2020: Polls are Trying to Suppress Trump’s Vote

MSM Polls are Flawed – Many Deliberately


  • Oct. 10, 2020
  • 5 min read

When you see news reports by the mainstream media crowing about polls showing Biden running away with the General Election, don’t buy it. The MSM tried the same stunt in 2016, when Hillary was supposed to beat Trump in a cakewalk.

Predictions among conservatives that the president will beat Biden in a landslide are far too optimistic. Yes, President Trump typically under polls, but, in fact, predictions of a landslide for Trump appear to be overstated (Flyover will gladly eat it’s words, if wrong). Expect another nailbiter. This presidential contest is bound to be close. Flyover is convinced that the president wins in an honest election.

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