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Fascism at the Tip of a Needle

When Joe Biden and liars generally say, “This isn’t about (fill in the blank),” it’s invariably about the very thing they claim it isn’t about. Case in point, Biden’s assertion that his dictum mandating vaccinations for federal workers, federal contractors, and private enterprises with a hundred or more employees “is not about freedom and personal choice.”

We need to thank our marionette president for flagging the truth with his disclaimer. Forcing vaccinations on an estimated 80 million citizens through executive fiat is very much about robbing them of their ability to decide what’s best for their health. Doing so by compelling larger businesses to make employees vaccinate (or lose their jobs) is, well, the stuff of creeping fascism, which Ronald Reagan famously warned would come in the guise of liberalism if it came to the U.S.

Guess what? Reagan was right. Fascism is budding on these shores – among “Democrats.” That irony shouldn’t be lost on us. Call the irony God’s way of peeling back a mask. And if we know anything about creeping statism (regardless the brand), we know that Biden’s mandate is just the beginning.

If Biden gets away with it, then tomorrow he’ll announce that companies with fewer than 100 employees will be pushed into vaccination boxcars. Then school kids have to que up (he hinted at that in his televised address). Heck, maybe pets and livestock will need jabs, too. Oh, and don’t forget the endless number of Covid booster shots in the offing, because, gee, two Covid jabs just aren’t enough. Are we fated to be a country of Covid vaccine junkies?

Legal and constitutional challenges are coming. Republican governors are going to sue, and congressional Republicans – not the RINOs – are spoiling for the fight, too. So, if the federal courts and SCOTUS show backbone and do their jobs, Biden’s overreach should be slapped down. But don’t assume so. SCOTUS should have accepted Texas’ lawsuit about elections irregularities back in December. Instead, Kavanaugh and Barrett, most conspicuously, chickened out.

Forced vaccination isn’t universal, not in Democrat World. No, there are carveouts. Excluded from the mix, illegals – who are pouring across the U.S.-Mexican border as this is written – and refugees from Biden’s Afghanistan surrender. This diaspora falls under the new “separate but equal” class that Democrats are creating. Exclusion is now inclusion in the twisted, fickle minds of the nation’s aspiring black shirts. But… Shh! Ask no questions. Just get with the program.

And U.S. postal workers are exempt from Biden’s edict. We all know that postal workers can’t possibly spread Covid and its variants – at least not in Biden’s two-faced universe.

If Democrats and the coalition they lead of leftists, would-be oligarchs, and other powerful interests like teachers’ unions have their ways, Covid is the Pandemic Without End.

As conservative sages have noted, the relentless cries of melting icecaps, dying polar bears, rising seas, heatwaves, droughts, monsoons, monster hurricanes, and legions of super tornados failed to rouse sufficient fear among Americans to cede their freedom and lives to Uncle Sam. People just weren’t buying the end times rap.

But the Wuhan virus – measured in a fraction of a micron per particle – has caused widespread alarm. People were getting sick – or we all knew people who were sickened. Most of the afflicted had cold- or flu-like symptoms and recovered nicely. Most others, particularly younger cohorts, were asymptomatic. No matter. We learned that a friend of a friend’s kid was on a ventilator, which, while certainly unfortunate, made that kid’s condition rarer than the victim of a lightning strike.

And Covid has been killing people, and we all know somebody – or somebody’s somebody – who passed from Covid. Never mind that the dead are overwhelmingly old and suffered preexisting medical conditions. Forget that Democrat governors in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Michigan were adding in the thousands to Covid’s body counts among the old. They shoved Covid-afflicted elderly into nursing homes, which infected thousands of nonsufferers, killing them. That blood is on their hands.

The Covid pandemic has touched lives, no doubt. It has engendered fear, which is principally an emotional response that crowds out reason. Fear is communicable. Fearful people are more malleable… more willing to follow leaders who offer certitudes, however loosely attached or unmoored to facts and realities.

What do we know about the short, brutal, and destructive histories of fascism in Italy and Germany, circa the 1920s through the mid-1940s? Benito, Adolph, and their henchmen did effective jobs stoking fears among their peoples. They were also good at exacerbating resentments and creating – useful – divisions and conflicts. Us versus them, divide and conquer, etc.

Now, let’s return to Biden’s national address. Biden, wearing a pedestrian blue suit and sporting only a U.S. flag lapel pin, and speaking in measured tones, is how Reagan would doubtlessly have envisioned fascism with an American face. No scowls, shouting, arm-waving… no bent crosses or bundled sticks… no goose-stepping and stiff-armed salutes.

Biden’s words, though, betrayed his tilt toward fascism… his arrogance, condescension, his threats, direct and insinuated – all conveyed what the essence of fascism is. If you can stomach it, watch Biden’s 27-minute national address. You’ll pick up on his fascist brushstrokes.

As mentioned, on 14th Amendment grounds (equal protection under the law), Biden’s dictum should be struck down by federal courts. But it’s also high time for millions of Americans to raise their voices and shout: “I’m as mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore,” to borrow from the classic 70s film Network. The time has come when we no longer allow fear of a bug to be used by demagogues to control us and strip us of our liberties.

If we take a stand now, we can resolve matters with less conflict. If we hesitate, thereby emboldening the wannabe fascists among Democrats, then we’re assured of greater future conflict.

Let’s defeat Biden in his gambit to dictate to us our healthcare choices. If you want the jab, get it. If you think it isn’t best for you, don’t. It’s your right to choose. Don’t let politicians and governments compel you to act against your better judgment.

Defeating Biden today would be a big step in reasserting our determination to fully restore our rights as a free people and help reset the nation’s course toward a freer tomorrow.

On 9/11, Vote No
Confidence In Joe Biden

J Robert Smith

  • Sept. 10, 2021
  • 1-min read

The 20th anniversary of 9/11 falls tomorrow. Joe Biden’s abject surrender in Afghanistan led to the deaths of U.S. soldiers and a lot of innocents. Biden needs to be held strictly accountable for his abominable leadership (if you care to call it that).

Here are excerpts from my latest at American Thinker:

On Thursday, August 26, Joe Biden made a contribution to the terror war… against us. On that infamous day, a suicide bomber attacked the Kabul airport, killing 13 U.S. soldiers and at least 170 Afghanis. How many of the dead Afghanis were American citizens is unreported. The deaths didn’t have to happen. Joe Biden made them happen.

Subsequent to the terror attack, in a televised address, Biden brazenly declared what an “extraordinary success” his cut-and-run was from Afghanistan. Only in the morally upside-down world of progressives and jaded D.C. players can ignominy, disaster, and deaths of innocents be the stuff of a victory lap.

(You can read the full article here.)

The men and women (among them first responders) who died on 9/11 and America’s fighting men and women who’ve since surrendered their lives to defeat the Islamic terrorist menace deserve far better from a president. These braves souls didn’t die in vain. They and we the living deserve far, far better from a commander-in-chief than the cut-and-run that Biden gave us in Afghanistan. God bless America.

Calling America a Cult Is Useful for Leftists and Anti-Trumpers


  • Sept. 6, 2021
  • 2-min read

The nature of politics is that people don’t always have to answer for their actions and mistakes. Same goes for life in general. That’s probably a good thing. Count me among those who wouldn’t look forward to such an exercise, at least not in a terrestrial environment. I expect to be held accountable in the next life, but if I can skate for a while, in this one, cool.

Yet, it is frustrating that few significant political actors are held accountable for their roles in putting people in office who then damage the country. It is easy to vote for someone who ends up being a disaster and avoid accountability simply by staying out of relevant discussions. If you are a Jets fan you probably didn’t start a lot of discussions about football last year.

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Biden’s Unspoken Aim:
Demoralize Americans

J Robert Smith

  • Sept. 2, 2021
  • 1-min read

If you haven’t had a chance to catch my latest article at American Thinker, the link is below. Here are excerpts:

If you take the time to piece together the puzzle, you begin to see a very disturbing picture. In seven short months, the Biden administration hasn’t only, via policy and executive decisions, precipitated a dire crisis on the U.S. southern border and an unforced debacle in Afghanistan — the latter with dark strategic implications vis-à-vis the PRC, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, along with an anticipated resurgence in terrorism but appears to seek to break the American spirit.

The picture emerging strongly suggests that demoralizing Americans isn’t merely a consequence of bad policies, poor decision-making, and incompetence.

We know this: control requires submission. Saul Alinsky summed up the argument for demoralization to achieve control: “Rule 3: Whenever possible, go outside the experience of an opponent. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.”

And this:

Which brings us back to a people’s submission. That’s indeed a goal of the elites who underwrite the Democratic Party, the left that provides votes and muscle, and the establishment players who profit from it. It’s easier to conquer the downtrodden.

Whether or not this sinister Biden-fronted coalition succeeds is in our hands — the hands of tens of millions of patriotic Americans. Our spirits can only break if we allow it. Unbroken, we can — we must — defeat this gathering tyranny.

My latest at American Thinker can be found here.