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Time for Anti-Trumpers to Put up or Shut Up

For those who may have caught part of the January 6 committee recently, our condolences! It represents how ridiculous our national expectations/tolerance about political propaganda has become. This kangaroo court has been designed to be completely partisan, ignore the role Pelosi, Schumer, and others played in the events around January 6, and to do as much damage to Trump as possible.

It is astonishing that the January 6 committee presentation is even considered news.

IF the committee were interested in learning the truth, in getting a full understanding of what happened before and after the riot, they would present information and subject it to an adversarial investigation. Hear all sides, ask questions, challenge assumptions, verify information. That process can lead to truth. But that is not what they have done.

The left/national leadership shows you who they fear most based on the level of their attacks against them. They hate Trump and know he will likely win if he runs again. They also, btw, clearly fear DeSantis. They know DeSantis will be strong if he runs for president.

January 6 is all about stifling dissent, controlling the narrative, and censoring opposition. And the national media, with the partial exception of FOX, has fallen in line to do their bidding.

Time was that Congress and their sycophants in the media made an effort to appear fair and neutral. Today, most don’t even pretend to be objective.

Yesterday, we saw supposed “bombshell” testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff under Trump. She offered no eyewitness accounts, presented no proof, and offered not one item suggesting Trump encouraged or planned for a riot January 6. If this is the best they’ve got, they should just wrap it all up and go home.

Hutchinson’s testimony was all hearsay. She passed on stories that others, supposedly, told her, about activities of others. This would not be allowable in any court. She had no first-hand knowledge and offered zero corroboration of any of the details. It is like your neighbor offering evidence by saying a friend of a friend said something. It is meaningless.

Hutchinson told of alleged instances where Trump lost his temper, tried to get the Secret Service to take him to the Capitol, or simply complained. Uh, well, o k. At no point did the testimony even contain an accusation of illegal activity by anyone. Yet, it led the news. Unsurprisingly, the formerly respected Democratic Party sycophant from Wyoming, Liz Cheney, hugged Hutchinson after her testimony and acted as if it were a game changer. See

This is a key question to ask all the anti-Trumpers/leftists who are trying to damage Trump: where is the actual evidence that Trump committed a crime? Where? We have heard for at least six years that Trump is a crook, he will go to jail, he will have to resign in disgrace, and more. To date, not a word of it has been true. There have been no indictments, much less convictions.

Reasonable people can disagree about how far a politician or elected official should go do to win an election or debate, and let’s have those discussions. It is entirely another thing, however, to claim that a president acted in a criminal or unconstitutional manner. There is, to date, no evidence of that.

If he did, prove it. If you can’t, well, I believe the phrase is STFU. 😊

Biden is Hard at Work Trying to Steal the Midterms

By J Robert Smith

  • June 23, 2022
  • 1 min read

Mollie Hemingway, Editor-in-Chief of The Federalist, has a must-read article posted today at The Federalist. The Biden administration has been hard at work for many months using federal programs and offices in the states to identify, register, and turnout voters for the midterms – their voters, meaning Democrats and Democrat-leaners. Or anyone receiving federal government handouts. This is illegal – or just skirts the law. The Democrats did practically the same thing in 2020 as part of a comprehensive campaign to steal the presidential election from Donald Trump.

Hemingway is author of the super analysis on the 2020 election theft, Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections. If you’re interested in one very important aspect of how Democrats foisted Joe Biden on the nation, read Mollie’s book. And also see Dinesh D’Souza’s eye-opening 2000 Mules documentary, which lays out the old fashioned way Democrats swiped the 2020 presidential contests: ballot box stuffing.

Charges Hemingway in her June 23 analysis:

When President Biden ordered all 600 federal agencies to “expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process” on March 7, 2021, Republican politicians, Constitutional scholars, and election integrity specialists began to worry exactly what was up his sleeve.

They had good reason. The 2020 election had suffered from widespread and coordinated efforts by Democrat activists and donors to run “Get Out The Vote” operations from inside state and local government election offices, predominantly in the Democrat-leaning areas of swing states. Independent researchers have shown the effect of this takeover of government election offices was extremely partisan and favored Democrats overwhelmingly.

The full article can be found at The Federalist. Follow this link to read it.