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The Democrats are Proving
They Are a Threat to Democracy

By Anthony Trevlac

  • July 11, 2024
  • 4-min read

I certainly wish we had better choices, in the campaign and among political parties. I suspect most people would agree with that.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the same thing as saying both sides are the same. With respect, anyone who believes Democrat leaders are in a struggle to “save democracy” is asleep at the switch.

They are currently in a cluster f**k panic about how to remove Biden from the ticket, EVEN THOUGH MILLIONS OF PRIMARY VOTERS CHOSE HIM. So much for elections. Certainly, I get it — Biden is a disaster, and our nation is at risk, we are in danger — but a political party that is working hard to replace a candidate chosen by the voters cannot credibly claim they are saving democracy.

They are terrified the election might be left up to an actual vote of the people. There are two major party nominees. The Dems want to ignore the democratic process and put in their own preference.

As we write this, Senate Democrats are meeting privately with White House staff to figure out a way forward. House Dems met earlier this week. They are desperate to save their own political fortunes.

None of that would be needed, of course, if the Administration and mainstream media hadn’t worked diligently to keep you from knowing about Biden’s ineptness and senility. They covered it up. As recently as a month ago, they claimed videos of Biden showing him to be lost and confused were fraudulent. Suddenly, Dem leaders must admit it because Biden’s horrible mental and physical health was on full display in the debate. They can no longer deny it.

For years we have been governed by an unelected cabal that runs the country because the person who was elected president is non compos mentis. He is not mentally capable of functioning at the level needed to run the nation.

It is astonishing that not one prominent Democratic leader has made the point that Biden’s senility is a threat to the nation. Not one. ALL the discussion from the Democratic elite has been about how this crisis affects their chances of beating Trump and of winning House and Senate seats.

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When We Remain Silent, the Bad Guys Win

By Rob Meyne

  • July 4, 2024
  • 4-min read

A lot of people simply don’t want to discuss politics. You most certainly have that right. But it is sad when people don’t have opinions or don’t have the courage to own them.

Our nation was designed with the expectation our citizens will be informed, have opinions, and share them. The Federalist papers laid the foundation for a new government largely because average people read them. Those publications were designed to inform and influence, and it worked.

Public opinion, that is freely expressed and respected, is supposed to be a part of the process. The people who sacrificed to create this nation were counting on us to care enough about it to speak up.

If you have strong opinions, but remain interested in what others have to say, sometimes you learn something and maybe even change your mind. That’s a good thing.

The regime, the political and corporate elites, are not interested in hearing our opinions and don’t want us to be informed. They go to great lengths to prevent it.

We have learned, over the past several years, appalling details about how the government has censored truthful stories and individual opinions in the past several years. COVID, Hunter’s laptop, and Biden’s incapacity are three examples. Biden’s ineptitude and disfunction is arguably the most important scandal in our history.

It has become increasingly evident the president isn’t mentally or physically up to the job. White House aides are saying things like “He’s pretty focused between 10 AM and 4 PM.” Terrific. So… if there is an emergency, we’re counting on it not happening in the other eighteen hours in the day? Really?

Major media figures, the White House staff, and Democrat leadership have all known, for years, Biden is deteriorating. Did even one of them put the good of the country ahead of their political or personal interests? Did anyone say, “we have a problem?” No. They don’t care about you or your family.

Nearly the entirety of the mainstream media and Democrat leadership have colluded for years to keep you from knowing of Biden’s senescence. We have been kept in the dark and the executive branch of our government has been run, not by the president, but by people like Ron Klain, Jill Biden, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, and more. Not one of them is an elected official, but they have taken over the president’s functions. If this doesn’t prove to you how much disdain they have for America, I can’t help you.

Clearly, the people in power do not want you to be informed. They know Biden can’t handle the job, but they like theirs, so they lie to us. They say he is fine. Well, until they don’t.

The more they prevaricate, the more I want to know what it is that THEY don’t want us to know. That alone is reason enough for me to WANT TO be informed. And to speak out. Part of this may just be stubbornness or a contrarian tendency, but if it leads us to the right place, so be it.

If people and organizations like Jill Biden, Hunter, Barack Obama, the NYT, Washington Post, Schumer, Pelosi, Tony Fauci, or Jen Psaki don’t want us to have certain information, it makes it even more important that we do. If they don’t want you to know it, it proves it is important. Every time.

Their track record isn’t good. They don’t want us to know the truth.

Moreover, it isn’t just Democrats or Biden. If Mitch McConnell told me the world is round, I’d check with someone else to confirm it.

It is up to you. Every day you don’t dig a little deeper into a story, or check its accuracy, and exhibit a little curiosity, you help the people who threaten America. When you accept the prevailing “narrative,” you help your adversaries. They want themselves to be richer and more powerful, not you and your family.

Then, when you know the truth, speak up. Ask someone first why they believe what they do. Try to learn from them. Try to understand them. Don’t be afraid to learn you were wrong. For my part, I LOVE it when I find out I am wrong. My goal isn’t to win arguments; it is to learn and promote the truth for the good of my country.

Then maybe they’ll listen to you. And maybe you’ll find that many of us still have a lot in common. Our elite want us at odds with each other. But most of us have a lot in common. Focus on our similarities and minimize our differences.

An old friend and mentor, a former state Republican chair, had a bit of a change in attitude as he grew older. He grew more suspicious of big corporations and their leaders. He was already filled with disdain for career politicians and political grifters. But he saw that the political and corporate elite share a disdain for you and me, and do not work in our best interests. He saw evil and destructive intent where I didn’t yet, and he fully understood the risk they pose.

I wish he was still around so I could tell him “I get it. Thanks for showing the way.”

I hope we can preserve the nation he loved so much.

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Will Tech, AI, Censorship, and the Fascism of the Left End America? Maybe.

By Rob Meyne

  • June 18, 2024
  • 4-min read

People have, for millennia, thought the end was near, it can’t get worse, etc. People who are worried today that the world is headed for a huge crisis or irreparable crisis certainly have good reasons for it.

Then again, just because we have been worried before doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be worried now. Sometimes there really is a wolf at the door.
There are differences this time. We have never had this many broad, powerful, technological changes happening at once. Their collective impact will be like nothing before.

First is just the impact of technology. The printing press was groundbreaking tech in its day. So were the telephone, radio, and television. And each of those advances had a huge impact. Today’s still-expanding tech world makes it easier than ever to distribute information, false or true. It also makes it easier to CENSOR information. That is unprecedented. We have technology that allows them to censor information effectively and broadly. And they do.

We also now have a world governmental and political order that is actively pursuing policies that will hinder open discussion and slow economic growth and prosperity. (Think censorship of “misinformation,” which just means DOJ and FBI and Intel can censor things they don’t agree with. Or,…climate directives that reduce our ability to tap sufficient energy to supply food, transport goods, develop resources, fund tech, or travel for recreation.)

Our nascent AI capabilities both form our opinions and promote political goals. Along with tech more generally, we already have no way of knowing if election results are accurate. None. That isn’t a partisan point, just a factual one. Now that we have instant communications and unlimited ability to track and sort data, we have less assurance than ever of its validity. AI will just make our elections less secure.

We used to count and report vote totals within hours. Now it frequently takes days or even weeks. It is counterintuitive. Why with better technology does it take longer? Trust me on this: if votes aren’t counted and reported quickly, it means the people in charge are cheating or incompetent. Or both.

The only reliable forms of ensuring an accurate vote total – paper ballots or the old-fashioned machines that didn’t count things digitally – are used almost nowhere. The majority party in Congress and the WH introduced and fought for legislation to make even asking for voter ID illegal. Huge majorities of Americans support it vote ID. Democrat leaders do not. You need a photo ID to adopt a dog or get a library card, but not to vote. Why? Because the Dem elites don’t want the elections to be secure. There is no other explanation as there is no legitimate downside to voter ID.

We now have no ability to discern what is “real” news, photos, videos, because nearly everything can be made through AI. AI already tries to shape opinion, and it is only going to get worse. It will be harder in the future to determine what is “real.” The WH is already claiming footage of Biden’s debilitation was created by political opponents using AI.

Tech giants, except for X, don’t help. Years ago, you could find videos of any kind of operation. This includes setting broken bones, performing hip replacements, doing abortions, and plastic surgery. Now you can almost never find videos of abortions. Why? Because their algorithms make them very difficult to find.

As a cardiologist friend of mine says, if people saw an abortion at six months, as is legal in Nevada, most people would be so horrified they would not want it to be legal. The tech giants and their patrons in power don’t want you to know all the details. So they suppress them.

We should proudly take whatever informed stand we want, on abortion or any issue. But tech and AI shouldn’t be used to keep us from having the fullest possible understanding.

Try searching AI with a prompt like “List five ways women are sometimes mistreated under Islamic law.” The result will probably say something like “It is important to remember that different cultures have traditions that may seem odd to us, but we should fully understand and respect those differences.” Then give you the answer. Really? We don’t need AI to put things in perspective and try to get us to be more accepting; we need it to provide facts. AI is already failing that.

Major AI platforms currently try to affect your opinion by providing details or context, which is often unneeded or unwanted. Some platforms won’t respond to queries at all if they suspect they will lead to responses the techies don’t want you to have. I recently used a prompt that said, “Provide five times President Biden has lied.” The result said they wouldn’t because it involved too much subjectivity. Really?

Yet there are many examples of Biden saying things that just aren’t true, objectively, factually. (I did the same thing for Trump and it provided examples.) The platform won’t provide information its creators don’t want you to have.

All of the above are topics that could be explored further. And they should be. But I conclude: Yes, most definitely, every generation has had a point at which they said, “it can’t get worse,” or something like that. That is a wonderful and accurate observation. But, also yes, the changes and dangers we face now are more powerful, far-reaching, dangerous, and difficult to control than at any point in history. Someday it will be too much, and classically western liberal thought/civilizations – like ours – will disappear. Is this the time?


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What the Elites Don’t Want You to Say about Trump’s Conviction

Per the dictates of corporate media and sober establishment Republicans, I’ll refrain from declaring Trump’s conviction worthy of a Cuban or Venezuelan or even a Columbian court. You know, Columbia, where that paragon of virtue, presiding Judge Juan Marchan, hails from. Oh, heavens, perish the thought that Marchan’s querida hija, an equally virtuous Democrat stalwart, isn’t mining the Trump indictment and conviction for all the loot she can haul off. And roly-poly Alvin Bragg isn’t in cahoots with Biden’s Justice Department. The Number Three guy at DoJ, Mathew Colangelo, left his gig to join Bragg’s prosecution team just to help a little.

Democrat jurors in a Democrat run courtroom in deep blue Manhattan rendered fair and impartial justice. Trump deserved conviction. He poses an ‘existential threat” to our overlords’ grip on power. A Trump win this autumn is ominous for elites and us, their minions.

Imagine an America without the Biden administration? What would happen to the economy, the border, crime? Cities would go all Clockwork Orange. Without the establishment, neocons righteous quest for war with Russia – and put up your dukes, China and Iran – would come to naught. How would the military-industrial complex survive? Perhaps a big, beautiful war with Russia will be the marvelous October late summer surprise we’re awaiting?

We mustn’t question anything about the Trump verdict. Think that good Chinese and Russian citizens question court verdicts? Just send Bragg a baker’s dozen Dunkin’ Donuts and celebrate the rule of law, as splendid Republican defenders of order insist we do. Trump’s sentencing? Why, pure coincidence that it’s happening four days before the Republican National Convention kicks off in Milwaukee.

We won’t dis Trump’s conviction anyway, anyhow. What we’ll say is that the days ahead look full of tropical storms gathering force and merging into a helluva hurricane. Battening down the hatches ain’t gonna be good enough.

Why is worse coming? As we’ve learned over the last, bitter nine years, the clash isn’t so much between two Americas. The preeminent fight is elites versus most of the rest of us. The elite are a tawdry mix of cynics who want power for profit and Jacobins whose neurotic obsession is to remake our lives, right down to what we say, eat, and do. They won’t be satisfied until we’re ant farm drudges.

You might believe that convicting Trump in a show trial was the worst. Yet, on July 11 at Trump’s sentencing, what happens if 45 is forced to appear Marchan’s circus wearing an orange jumpsuit and cuffs? You know Marchan is salivating like Biden with a triple scoop ice cream cone in hand to do just that. Yes, Trump’s appeals will forego imprisonment for a time.

If that spectacle doesn’t tank Trump’s poll numbers – his conviction has failed to dent his numbers so far – elites’ heads will detonate sometime thereafter. If their best punches aren’t bringing him down, what will?

What will is the big question. How desperate will elites get, to what extreme are they willing to go? Tucker Carlson has said he thinks Trump’s life is endanger. Trump and his Secret Service detail always have to contend with haters and lunatics who want him dead. But what about the establishment? If lawfare fails. If election rigging fails. How far is the establishment willing to go to stop Trump? It’s a sobering thought. Unfortunately, today we have to wonder.

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Their Ways are Intimidation and Violence

By J Robert Smith

  • June 2, 2024
  • 3-min read

After Donald Trump’s sham conviction last week, South Carolina Congressman Benny Thompson (D) introduced legislation to pull Secret Service protection from Trump. Thompson, the chair of the defuncted J6 inquisition, couldn’t have done so without knowing the consequences. Nor were Biden’s handlers ignorant of the consequences when they denied RFK Jr.’s requests for protection. Nor did Biden’s White House not know what could happen when security was shorted at conservative Supreme Court justices’ homes after Roe v. Wade was overturned. Thompson knows that without Secret Service protection, Trump’s life is endangered. Even with private security, Trump’s risk increases.

Trump is the target of every left-wing hater and lunatic across the country. That hellish lot make up an indispensable Democrat constituency. From that pool are the ones eager to break things and hurt people. Of course, Trump can afford private security. But not in prison, where an in-your-face hack Democrat masquerading as a judge – Juan Marchan – plans to sentence Trump. That sentencing will occur on July 11, just days before the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. No bare-knuckled politics to see here, so move on.

But, heaven forbid, if Trump was attacked and his private security had to dispatch the attacker(s). It better happen in Florida or another red state. Otherwise, a Democrat hatchet man dressed up like a DA would indict Trump for murder. Do you really think that’s an exaggeration?

Thompson is a member of the Democrat minority in the U.S. House. His legislation won’t gain traction. The ballast we call House Republicans is good for at least inertia. But his legislation is more than window dressing. When Trump is sentenced, expect Thompson to make a full-throated call to withdraw protection. Thompson’s voice won’t be a voice in the wilderness. Since Democrats coordinate their hit jobs, Democrats and corporate media will manufacture an outcry.

Remember, prisons are convenient places to have troublesome people killed.

As if on cue, Profiles in Courage Republicans will mostly keep silent. Some will stand at podiums to beclown themselves by claiming that while Trump’s conviction is a bitter pill, we must abide by the rule of law – as if that transparently fraudulent proceeding in Manhattan wasn’t a good, old-fashioned fix. Who’s worse, the perpetrators of this injustice or their enablers?

But don’t dare publicly question the Trump trial or conviction. As Mike Benz (Foundation for Freedom Online) stated at X, “we’re at the stage where the system just straight-up tells you you can’t question the system.”

You have to hand it to the DC establishment, which at its heart is that bundle of intelligence and security bureaucracies who Schumer, Jefferies, and Pelosi bend knees to – and RINOs fear. They’ve received only scattered pushback for their crimes. The giant hasn’t been wakened yet, and that giant is the American majority – decent, hardworking, God-fearing, family and country loving Americans.

What’s the necessary pushback from our side? As conservative wags like Sean Davis have suggested at X, it’s time for red state DAs to begin indicting Democrats and Deep Staters for legitimate crimes. No need to twist the law as Democrats have done to indict Trump and others. Legit indictments for legit crimes.

Then, as Mike Benz suggests, red states need to become sanctuary states for freedom’s friends. That is, red states need to provide safe haven to liberty stalwarts who are targeted for malicious prosecution or other destruction in blue states.

Finally, support Trump. Yes, a financial contribution helps – whatever you can afford. The Trump campaign smashed records raising more money in the 24 hours following his sham conviction than any other presidential campaign has done in a 24-hour period. Give what you can. Money is critical.

Talk to family and friends who are willing to listen. If the DC establishment swipes the ’24 presidential election, it will brazenly double down shutting down our rights, starting with our 1st Amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly. Become ambassadors for Trump’s election. Never surrender. We are the majority. Working together, we will prevail.

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A Right to Voice Antisemitism?

By J Robert Smith

  • May 2, 2024
  • 6-min read

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh (he of “What is a Woman” fame) aired a segment from his show last week at X. Walsh addressed Governor Greg Abbott’s crackdown on anti-Israeli/pro-Hamas protests at Texas colleges. Abbott declared, in effect, that there wasn’t room in the Lone Star State for antisemites. In fact, yes, there is.

As odious as antisemitism is, Americans have rights to be antisemitic – anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, anti-white, anti-black, anti-homosexual, anti-heterosexual. You get the point. We have rights to our prejudices no matter how vile. Moreover, we have a right to public expression of those biases. We’re free to assemble with likeminded people so long as assemblies are peaceful and laws are obeyed. On the other hand, we’re free to condemn bigots and haters. We should. We can gather publicly to do so if we care to.

Eruptions of lawlessness and violence at Columbia, Harvard, and UCLA in the last 48 hours underscore that protesters had no interest in civil demonstrations. Threats and acts of intimidation toward Jewish students are appalling. Arrests have been made and charges filed. Penalties should be stiff, though societal permissiveness and affluent parents’ checkbooks are likely to shield student-violators from tough consequences.

But, mind you, mass arrests haven’t happened because students expressed a noxious mix of antisemitism and pro-Hamas sentiments. They acted criminally.

Here’s Abbott’s statement, posted at X, that Walsh reacted to:

“Arrests being made right now & will continue until the crowd disperses. These protesters belong in jail. Antisemitism will not be tolerated in Texas. Period. Students joining in hate-filled, antisemitic protests at any public college or university in Texas should be expelled.”

Abbott’s declaration swings and misses, unless he meant to grandstand. While condemning students’ antisemitism, he skipped mentioning lawbreaking. Was Abbott playing to the passions of the moment? Was he simply venting his own disgust?

Perhaps Abbott assumed that the public understood? He’d enforce the law and restore order, not deprive anyone of their rights. But when passions run high, clearer language is required.

Protesters don’t belong in jail for repugnant speech. But when speech crosses a line – threatening violence toward persons – protections are forfeited. Real violence – harming persons, property destruction, and/or causing mayhem – are felonies. There are also misdemeanor infractions like trespassing. Columbia University failed to deal swiftly with lawbreakers. The consequence was to embolden lawbreaking on campus.

Under Ron DeSantis’ leadership, the University of Florida laid down clear ground rules for protests. The university issued a statement defining boundaries.

The Citizen Free Press posted the university’s statement at its X account. The statement listed dos and don’ts for protesters. It made clear that lawbreaking and/or failure to comply with the institution’s rules would result in penalties. Under the header, “Consequences for Noncompliance,” the statement read that “[i]ndividuals found responsible for engaging in prohibited activities shall be trespassed from the campus. Students will receive a three year trespass and suspension. Employees will be trespassed and separated from employment.” Florida State troopers and campus police haven’t hesitated cracking down on violators.

The University of Florida’s directive addressed acceptable and prohibited behavior. It didn’t address cause for protest. Not that leaders should remain mum in the face of vitriol directed at Jews or others. There’s a moral imperative to speak up. But upholding the law is a governor’s chief obligation.

Should college students be expelled for joining hate-filled protests on campuses, as Abbott recommends? Should peaceful antisemitic crowds be disperse for hate speech? What is “hate speech?” Who makes the determination?

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Let’s Skip Ousting Mike Johnson …
For Now

By J Robert Smith

  • April 22, 2024
  • 5-min read

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been joined by two of her House Republican colleagues in calling for Speaker Mike Johnson’s ouster. These three have ample cause. But when – not if – Johnson is booted matters. Trump wants Johnson to stay, saying, “I stand with the speaker, we’ve had a very good relationship.” Lindsey Graham claims Trump helped win Ukraine funding. But after the elections are over, Trump needs to ditch Johnson. The speaker has all the signs of being another Paul Ryan.

As conservative activist Ned Ryun remarked about Johnson last Sunday on X:

“I say this as an evangelical: this guy is one of the worst combinations you can ever have in politics. A smarmy evangelical who bends to the will of Democrats and the administrative state. And thinks he’s righteous in doing so.”

Last Saturday, the U.S. House, led by Speaker Johnson, committed an outrage. House Democrats and Republicans passed a stand-alone $60.8 billion funding bill for Ukraine, though there’s a carve out to “replenish [U.S.] weapons and stocks.” There’s also $13.8 billion for “advanced weapons systems.” The defense industry must get its kickbacks.

To flaunt their victory, uniparty members waved little Ukrainian flags on the House floor.

Despite Johnson’s oft-stated concerns for border security, not a penny was approved to stop the illegals deluge. Johnson’s words are meaningless. His actions speak volumes.

The uniparty’s display was one of defiance. Such congressional brazenness might be a first for the Republic. Democrats and a Republican faction showcased their contempt for the people’s will. Their votes were a statement. They’re jobs are to promote establishment interests. Those interests? A crass drive for money.

Mike Benz, a former State Department cyber security expert and analyst stated at X:

“Ukraine “Aid” & The Blob Uniparty: it ain’t about ideology, it ain’t about democracy — it’s strictly business.”

Benz offers a deeper dive about “The Blob” in his February 16 interview with Tucker Carlson.

Despite Marjorie Taylor Green’s very public attacks on Johnson, he isn’t going anywhere. Only one member of the GOP caucus is needed to cause the speaker’s chair to be vacated. Removing Johnson now and starting another speaker’s election – surely contentious and protracted – may satisfy a political blood lust but would make all sorts of trouble as election season kicks into higher gear. It’s trouble for Trump on his flank. Trump is picking his way through a perilous minefield as is.

Booting Johnson for his weak-kneed leadership risks more defections by establishment Republicans. Given the one-seat margin House Republicans enjoy, it wouldn’t take a RINO stampede out to flip the lower chamber to Hakheem Jefferies. If you don’t think Jeffries and his collection of statists, America haters, and cultural degenerates would make worse legislation on a broader range of issues, think again.

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Tucker Carlson’s Bombshell: Election Fraud is Far
Worse than You Think

By J Robert Smith

  • Feb. 18, 2024
  • 2-min read

This weekend, I was drafting a piece for American Thinker. The subject was the lack of adequate election reforms in battleground states, much of that to keep the cheating in place. Per The Epoch Times, Trump may have already lost the autumn presidential contest. That’s sobering in itself.

I took a break to watch Tucker Carlson’s latest podcast on X. After I watched the entire podcast, I dumped the draft I had been working on all day. What I was writing only touched the surface of a far more sophisticated, massive fraud being conducted by elements in the U.S. government. We’ve all heard of the Deep State, but the specifics on how it worked well ahead of the 2020 presidential election to defeat Trump were stunning.

Carlson’s guest was Mike Benz, who leads the Foundation for Freedom Online. Benz’s bio at the group’s website states that he “is a former State Department official with responsibilities in formulating and negotiating US foreign policy on international communications and information technology matters.” So, he poses expertise, experience, and insider knowledge about the Deep State’s workings in matters related to communications and the internet.

The tease to Carlson’s interview sums it up powerfully:

“The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. ‘What I’m describing is military rule,’ says Mike Benz. ‘It’s the inversion of democracy.'”

In an interview that ran a little over an hour, Benz skillfully provides loads of detail and a narrative thread that puts meat on the contention that we citizens really aren’t in control of of our government. Our impact on a presidential election – at least starting with the 2020 contest – is minimal if at all.

This isn’t said to dishearten anyone. Knowledge is power, goes the the old saying. Acquiring the knowledge about how elements within “permanent government” are acting in brazenly unconstitutional ways to determine the outcome of presidential and, perhaps, congressional elections is knowledge we must possess in order to defeat this novel form of tyranny. We mustn’t be intimidated by the scope of this attack on our rights and the rule of law. Fighting back isn’t an option.

Carlson’s interview with Benz can be found at here at X (formerly Twitter). You’ll be derelict in your duty as a patriot if you fail to watch this important podcast.

Mike Benz’s X account can be found here. If you have an X account, it will be well worth following Benz for more insights into what appears to be the greatest threat to our liberties in the nation’s long history.

The Foundation for Freedom Online website is located here.

American Thinker’s Andrea Widburg offers an excellent summary of the Carlson-Benz interview here.

American Thinker feature writer Clarice Feldman also offers this in-depth analysis here.

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Fear Not RFK Jr.

By J Robert Smith

  • Oct. 25, 2023
  • 5-min read

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gives some conservatives the willies. Kennedy is a vote stealer – from Trump more than Biden come autumn 2024, they claim. The fear was, is, and will be baseless. Kennedy just came out for reparations, which is a zany proposition. Even in whacko California, they’re having second thoughts about this fabulous free lunch justice measure for blacks or anyone who has Rachel Dolezal’s or Jessica A. Krug’s hutzpah.

Reparations, however, are adored by scads of affluent, progressive whites. This crowd is always looking for ways of relieving their perpetual white guilt. Kennedy’s call for reparations resonates with them. They’re mighty fine pickings for RFK Jr. That should give you a hint where Kennedy’s votes will come from. America First has nothing to do with it.

Kennedy won’t pull Trump’s voters, not many, anyway. His strategy of bestriding the ideological spectrum to gain support from the right and left is destined to fail. So, who should have the jitters? Democrats.

RFK Jr. will siphon off most of his votes from Joe the dementia sufferer. Joe, the frail, befuddled guy who a year from now – if he’s not pushing up daisies – is going to be even more feeble and witless. But if Joe is gone, you say, Democrats will move on to a more attractive candidate, say, Gavin Newsom. Surely, Newsom complicates things? He isn’t old Joe.

Au contaire! Newsom is no less a puppet – a cogent one, but no less than Joe. He has no intentions of “messing with the primal forces of [the establishment].” The moneybags will have their puppet.

Newsom, if he’s the nominee, will end up running a crimped campaign. His record as governor may appeal to California flakes and the bluest of blue precincts elsewhere, but voters who make up the broad middle will be appalled.

But Newsom has to scramble to the center. The establishment knows the game.

It may, and Newsom’s instinct will be to try, unless he has a suicide wish. But how far can Newsom stray from the weird mélange of globalism, woke, and racism that’s become orthodoxy among progressives?

Even if the string-pullers give Newsom wiggle room, he won’t venture to the middle in a void.

Unless they’re entirely lame – and they won’t be – the Trump and Kennedy campaigns will unload on Newsom as he tries to dance toward the middle. Super PACs aligned with Trump and Kennedy will weigh in. And Newsom needs to be made to own Biden’s awful policies and governance. Continue reading

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In Pennsylvania, Fetterman is Beginning to Reel … and More

By J Robert Smith

  • Sept. 20, 2022
  • 4-min read

Fox News reports that John Fetterman’s U.S. Senate campaign is backing off Fetterman’s call to release over a thousand convicted 2nd degree murders from Pennsylvania prisons.

From the September 20 Fox News report:

Fetterman, the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor who chairs the state’s Board of Pardons (BOP), commissioned two reports last year released by Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity (PLSE) that recommended the BOP consider merit-based clemency for currently incarcerated second-degree murderers, as well as for the state legislature to reform the law that mandates life sentences without parole for second-degree murder convictions.

And then this from the story:

During a PLSE press conference on March 1, 2021, Fetterman said the reports documented “the lives that are destroyed” and “the resources that are wasted” due to Pennsylvania’s statute, and that he hoped the reports’ findings would “lead to a conversation” that would free close to 1,200 people.

“People,” as in convicted murderers.

Any voter living near a major Democrat-run city knows well how crime – including violent crime – has exploded in those jurisdictions. Urban crime has begun creeping into suburban areas from cities. Philadelphia has seen crime rates explode. Fetterman being a friend of murderers, robbers, rapists, and two-bit thugs is hurting his campaign for Pennsylvania’s open U.S. Senate seat.

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