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Biden’s “Win” Was Against All Odds

By Rob Meyne

  • Nov. 4, 2021
  • 1-min read

One of the ways courts, auditors, regulators, and other investigators determine the likelihood of a specific act is through statistical analysis. It is hugely useful in not determining exactly what did or did not happen – a crime, embezzlement, etc. – but it gives you a good idea where to look further.

In regard to 2020, there is a lot of information that screams loudly that something wasn’t right. When a series of things happen that were statistically nearly impossible, the result was, too.

Every four years, Census takes a measure of how many people report having voted. Every time, the results they get are very close to the actual turnout. This year, however, the Census number suggested there were some 5 million more votes counted than cast. This has never happened before.

This linked article (Chronicles: Biden’s Inexplicable Victory) discusses eleven different statistical or historical anomalies that we are to believe occurred in 2020. None of them suggests a Biden victory was likely. Essentially all of them suggest Trump was not only a favorite, but a prohibitive one, and likely won in terms of legal votes that were counted accurately.

Trump supporters were far more enthusiastic; attendance at his events was through the roof, and just the energy and effort of the campaign was hugely in favor of the GOP. Biden didn’t so much as run for office as nap for it. He seldom even left his basement.

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