Biden’s Incompetence
Puts Us All at Risk

By Rob Meyne

  • June 28, 2024
  • 3-min read

Joe Biden’s performance last night is all you need to know about his senescence. The man is not capable of being president. Sorry, but if you don’t recognize that at this point, you are deluded or bigoted, frankly, and there is no hope for you. Go have a nice day, while you still have a country to enjoy. The rest of us will keep working to save America. You’re welcome.

Perhaps the most shocking realization is that none of the people who make decisions for Biden, enable him, prop him up, and make excuses for him, seem concerned about the nation. Biden is a threat to the safety of you and your family. He is a threat to global peace and to our security.

Biden is directed by people who don’t care about the nation. (They are in this to gain power and money, and it is working spectacularly for them so far. Under Biden we have grown less free while the elite have grown richer.)

The f***ing White House told us last week that the videos of him being lost, confused, and inept were fakes. They are lying, steaming piles of dung. And that is the best thing that can be said about them. If you believe anything from Biden’s puppet masters, please just do the world a favor, and don’t vote. Leave it to the people who care enough to be informed.

And, BTW, all those who still claim Trump is the bigger threat can send me a bottle of whatever you are drinking and go pass out on your porch.

The most extreme criticisms of Trump have grown tired and ineffective. Most of the key tropes are simply not true, but they cling to them. Trump had four years to try to be a dictator and did not. He did not tell us to drink bleach. He didn’t praise white nationalists as very fine people. He didn’t try to jail his political opponents (but Biden has).

Of course, Trump was also correct that the intelligence community interfered in the 2020 election. That is one aspect that made 2020 unfair, unethical, possibly illegal and, yes, “rigged.”

Even if you aren’t clear on those points, or still reject the truth, get over it. We have a bigger problem. We have a senile and hapless incompetent as president. The threat to America about which we should be concerned is Biden’s incompetence and the nascent fascism advocated by him and the people, mostly Obama and his lackeys, who make decisions for him.

We are living through Obama’s third term. Meanwhile, America’s enemies, I guarantee you, are obsessing over the footage of Biden’s debate performance, and calling in the best intel they have from their human intelligence sources, considering what to do in the next few months.

The Bidens are bought and paid for by our enemies. That is no longer in dispute. Biden is incompetent and can’t stand up to our enemies because they have bribed him. Feel better? Neither do we.

What is wrong with us? How far have we fallen that almost all the discussion is about what it has done to the Democrat party or to Trump or to Cackling Kamala? WHERE are the people who are finally admitting having this cipher’s finger on the nuclear button is bad for America and the world? This isn’t about any person, party, or political movement. This is about saving the country. Get on board.

Are you an anti-Trumper who voted for Biden and still abhors Trump? You should apologize publicly and vote for Trump this year. But we’ll do you a favor: forget the apology, and just do the right thing this fall.

The footage of Jill Biden leading Joe off stage last night is a perfect symbol of his presidency at this point. He cannot, literally, get off the stage on his own. No wonder he can’t handle the toughest job in the world. There are a lot of people who enable Biden because they get their power and wealth from their association with him. Their support of this incompetent president is disgraceful and treasonous.

The main reason they wanted to debate early is probably that they wanted to road test him. They wanted to see if he could rise to the occasion. He did not, so now they have a few weeks to figure out how to replace him on the ticket.

In hindsight, the debate was a chance for Biden to prove to his sycophants that we could handle the campaign and the presidency. Manifestly, he cannot.

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