The Democrats are Proving
They Are a Threat to Democracy

By Anthony Trevlac

  • July 11, 2024
  • 4-min read

I certainly wish we had better choices, in the campaign and among political parties. I suspect most people would agree with that.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the same thing as saying both sides are the same. With respect, anyone who believes Democrat leaders are in a struggle to “save democracy” is asleep at the switch.

They are currently in a cluster f**k panic about how to remove Biden from the ticket, EVEN THOUGH MILLIONS OF PRIMARY VOTERS CHOSE HIM. So much for elections. Certainly, I get it — Biden is a disaster, and our nation is at risk, we are in danger — but a political party that is working hard to replace a candidate chosen by the voters cannot credibly claim they are saving democracy.

They are terrified the election might be left up to an actual vote of the people. There are two major party nominees. The Dems want to ignore the democratic process and put in their own preference.

As we write this, Senate Democrats are meeting privately with White House staff to figure out a way forward. House Dems met earlier this week. They are desperate to save their own political fortunes.

None of that would be needed, of course, if the Administration and mainstream media hadn’t worked diligently to keep you from knowing about Biden’s ineptness and senility. They covered it up. As recently as a month ago, they claimed videos of Biden showing him to be lost and confused were fraudulent. Suddenly, Dem leaders must admit it because Biden’s horrible mental and physical health was on full display in the debate. They can no longer deny it.

For years we have been governed by an unelected cabal that runs the country because the person who was elected president is non compos mentis. He is not mentally capable of functioning at the level needed to run the nation.

It is astonishing that not one prominent Democratic leader has made the point that Biden’s senility is a threat to the nation. Not one. ALL the discussion from the Democratic elite has been about how this crisis affects their chances of beating Trump and of winning House and Senate seats.

That’s right. Not one major Democrat leader (unless it was quietly or in private) has looked at Biden and made the point that his incompetence puts the lives of every American (and our allies) in jeopardy. This is the stuff of banana republics or spy novels.

What would happen if you told the average citizen that political operatives, not the president, were running the country? Most people would likely say it is terrifying, scandalous, and undermines the Constitution. Yet here we are. That is exactly what has happened. How can any reasonable American not be outraged by this?

We are at greater risk of some kind of attack from a foreign power than at any time in recent memory. It could be an attack on the power grid, a cyber-attack, a military assault, an invasion of Taiwan, an assault on Israel, or…. anything.

Enemies get bold and aggressive when they know their opponent is weak and vulnerable. There is zero chance China, Russia, Iran, and other nations haven’t had long and serious discussions about whether they should act against America at this time. Our leadership is inept and unreliable, so they get bolder. Put simply: Biden’s incompetence threatens the lives of your family. Do you care enough about that to work to get rid of Biden?

Incredibly, people like George Clooney have turned against him. He claims Biden is a different person than the one Clooney hosted at a fundraiser THREE WEEKS AGO. Yeah. Sure, George. Three weeks ago – the night Obama had to lead him off the stage by the hand – Biden was doing cartwheels, while developing mathematical proofs in his head, but is suddenly disabled.

They moved the dates of primaries around to benefit Biden, postponing the traditional first contests in NH and Iowa, all because he was weak in those states. They kept Kennedy off the ballot and denied him secret service protection. (A Democrat has also introduced a bill to deny Trump secret service protection if he goes to jail. They are so power-hungry they will intentionally put their opponents in danger. How do they get away with asserting conservatives are the ones who are politically violent?)

The Dems gleefully deny you choices, and will throw your voice out of the window, if they can convince Sleepy Joe to drop out. And THESE are the people who claim to be pro-democracy. BS.

The first bill introduced be Democrats in 2021 was to nationalize elections and prohibit requiring voter ID. Yet, about 80% of the American people, including majorities of Black and Hispanic citizens, support it. But not the Dem leadership.

The Dems are also counting on votes from illegal aliens. That is why they threw open the borders. Don’t think so? Then explain this: Biden just announced he will veto a bill that would require proof of citizenship to vote. They are fighting fang and talon to make it easier for illegals to vote. In one recent poll, about 10% of illegals admitted they are registered. In Nevada, when you get a driver’s license you are registered to vote. No check on citizenship.

They think you are stupid enough, naive enough, to not notice what they are doing. Please, don’t prove them right.

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