Why the End of the American Empire is Good for the Republic

This past weekend, the Ukrainians fired missiles at Russia. It’s not the first time. U.S. fingerprints are all over this attack, too. It was yet another provocation to war with Russia. A war with Russia wouldn’t be a limited affair, despite the conceits emanating from Washington. And it wouldn’t revolve around Ukraine’s future. It would center on the fate of the American empire.

The Biden administration is pushing brinkmanship with Russia. Of course, that’s a monumental gamble. Washington’s defense and foreign affairs establishment is trying to win through intimidation what Ukraine isn’t winning on battlefields, regardless tens of billions of dollars in U.S. aid and hands-on support. But brinkmanship with Russia opens the door to miscalculations. Triggering a conventional war between the world’s premier nuclear-armed powers risks escalation to nuclear conflict.

Whatever Washington’s reasoning, it’s best to remember that America was never intended to be an empire. It was created as a republic. It was never to roam the globe on moral crusades, which, too many times, were thin disguises for power acquisition and economic exploitation. Our military was for our defense, not a profit center for special interests. We were to have a government of the people, tending to laws that made our society civil and safe. Our government wasn’t supposed to “capture” commerce but referee it to ensure that the rules of the game were fair. Government has become incessantly profligate. We were to be a free, strong, and prosperous people minding our affairs.

Perhaps the end of empire will open the way to the return of the Republic?

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