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When We Remain Silent, the Bad Guys Win

By Rob Meyne

  • July 4, 2024
  • 4-min read

A lot of people simply don’t want to discuss politics. You most certainly have that right. But it is sad when people don’t have opinions or don’t have the courage to own them.

Our nation was designed with the expectation our citizens will be informed, have opinions, and share them. The Federalist papers laid the foundation for a new government largely because average people read them. Those publications were designed to inform and influence, and it worked.

Public opinion, that is freely expressed and respected, is supposed to be a part of the process. The people who sacrificed to create this nation were counting on us to care enough about it to speak up.

If you have strong opinions, but remain interested in what others have to say, sometimes you learn something and maybe even change your mind. That’s a good thing.

The regime, the political and corporate elites, are not interested in hearing our opinions and don’t want us to be informed. They go to great lengths to prevent it.

We have learned, over the past several years, appalling details about how the government has censored truthful stories and individual opinions in the past several years. COVID, Hunter’s laptop, and Biden’s incapacity are three examples. Biden’s ineptitude and disfunction is arguably the most important scandal in our history.

It has become increasingly evident the president isn’t mentally or physically up to the job. White House aides are saying things like “He’s pretty focused between 10 AM and 4 PM.” Terrific. So… if there is an emergency, we’re counting on it not happening in the other eighteen hours in the day? Really?

Major media figures, the White House staff, and Democrat leadership have all known, for years, Biden is deteriorating. Did even one of them put the good of the country ahead of their political or personal interests? Did anyone say, “we have a problem?” No. They don’t care about you or your family.

Nearly the entirety of the mainstream media and Democrat leadership have colluded for years to keep you from knowing of Biden’s senescence. We have been kept in the dark and the executive branch of our government has been run, not by the president, but by people like Ron Klain, Jill Biden, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, and more. Not one of them is an elected official, but they have taken over the president’s functions. If this doesn’t prove to you how much disdain they have for America, I can’t help you.

Clearly, the people in power do not want you to be informed. They know Biden can’t handle the job, but they like theirs, so they lie to us. They say he is fine. Well, until they don’t.

The more they prevaricate, the more I want to know what it is that THEY don’t want us to know. That alone is reason enough for me to WANT TO be informed. And to speak out. Part of this may just be stubbornness or a contrarian tendency, but if it leads us to the right place, so be it.

If people and organizations like Jill Biden, Hunter, Barack Obama, the NYT, Washington Post, Schumer, Pelosi, Tony Fauci, or Jen Psaki don’t want us to have certain information, it makes it even more important that we do. If they don’t want you to know it, it proves it is important. Every time.

Their track record isn’t good. They don’t want us to know the truth.

Moreover, it isn’t just Democrats or Biden. If Mitch McConnell told me the world is round, I’d check with someone else to confirm it.

It is up to you. Every day you don’t dig a little deeper into a story, or check its accuracy, and exhibit a little curiosity, you help the people who threaten America. When you accept the prevailing “narrative,” you help your adversaries. They want themselves to be richer and more powerful, not you and your family.

Then, when you know the truth, speak up. Ask someone first why they believe what they do. Try to learn from them. Try to understand them. Don’t be afraid to learn you were wrong. For my part, I LOVE it when I find out I am wrong. My goal isn’t to win arguments; it is to learn and promote the truth for the good of my country.

Then maybe they’ll listen to you. And maybe you’ll find that many of us still have a lot in common. Our elite want us at odds with each other. But most of us have a lot in common. Focus on our similarities and minimize our differences.

An old friend and mentor, a former state Republican chair, had a bit of a change in attitude as he grew older. He grew more suspicious of big corporations and their leaders. He was already filled with disdain for career politicians and political grifters. But he saw that the political and corporate elite share a disdain for you and me, and do not work in our best interests. He saw evil and destructive intent where I didn’t yet, and he fully understood the risk they pose.

I wish he was still around so I could tell him “I get it. Thanks for showing the way.”

I hope we can preserve the nation he loved so much.

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