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Many Americans are Siding with Hamas, Today’s “Nazis”

Flag of Israel

By Rob Meyne

  • June 21, 2024
  • 4-min read

Neither side of any dispute is perfect. But some choices are clear.

The Middle East is a battle of good vs. evil.

Even if there is some blame on both sides, there can be a clear bottom line. This is such a case.

If you don’t recognize that Israel is, by far, the more noble, decent, and admirable player in this conflict, there is no hope for you.

  • America’s colleges and universities have this year been full of pro-Hamas demonstrators. Yet, if you watch interviews with them, you will see most of these protestors, in most cases, are not students and don’t know WHY they are protesting.
  • About 20% of all Democratic voters say they support Hamas. That is astounding. Every time you hear the word “Hamas,” think “Nazi.” They are indistinguishable. How can a fifth of average American Democrats support terrorists?
  • Recall that, last fall, the U. S. House took a vote to condemn the Hamas terrorist attack of October 7. Sixteen Democrats could not even vote to condemn the attacks. If you can’t condemn terrorist attacks you are an evil hypocrite and on the side of today’s Nazis, aka Hamas.
  • A formerly cognizant old friend writes that the Netanyahu government massacred some aid workers and was either fine with it or it was intentional. Nonsense. You may remember Biden’s government slaughtered a group of aid workers in the wake of his shameful Afghanistan retreat. Did Biden do it intentionally? I don’t think so. They are just inept.
  • Remember as demonstrators ask for freedom for Palestine…. There is no such nation and never has been. (You can find sources for yourself. But this tip: go to some that are neutral, non-political, such as the WorldAtlas.com. It is much like sex: you can claim you are a woman, but if you have a Y chromosome, you are not. You can also call any area on the planet, or on another, “Palestine,” but that doesn’t make it so.)
  • The term Palestinian wasn’t even widely used until after the creation of modern Israel. Arafat later popularized the term as essentially a branding effort for radical Muslims under the PLO banner. (Note, there are a ton of countries that “recognize” Palestine, although there isn’t even a land mass designated as such, as a way of showing their support for Muslim extremists. They can call it “Mordor” or “Atlantis” if they want, but it doesn’t make it legal or factually true.)
  • Palestine (since it didn’t exist) was not eliminated or bifurcated with the creation of Israel. Of course, Palestine, being non-existent, is also not subverted by Israel.
  • The area the “Palestinians” claim are basically Gaza and the West Bank. Neither is ruled by Israel.
  • There is no apartheid. Israel doesn’t run Gaza. Hamas does. There are even Muslim/Arab members of the Knesset, Israel’s unicameral version of Congress.
  • Muslims are free to fully participate in life in Israel. How welcome do you think Jews are in Gaza?
  • Gazans voted for Hamas, a terrorist organization, to be their rulers. And Hamas, in its foundational documents, committed itself to wiping out Israel.
  • A majority of Gazans surveyed say they support terrorism, support the attacks of October 7, and support wiping out Israel. They do not want peace. They want war, victory, and have opposed a two-state solution numerous times.
  • It is especially disgusting to hear the pro-Hamas/Nazi officials (which includes Biden, by the way) worried about Israel committing genocide. That is just obscene. The Israeli military even routinely notifies communities in Gaza they are planning on attacking, so the civilians can get out. Meanwhile, Hamas uses their own women and children as human shields. Which side values life?
  • Finally, remember the U. S. is funding Hamas and other terrorists. Your tax dollars are funding the weapons Hamas uses to kill Israelis and many Americans. Are you OK with that? The U. S. has given billions to Iran, which funds Hamas; given $ 6 B in ransom; and just gave $ 9 B out of the massive military funding bill to Hamas.
  • There is no such thing as giving money to another nation and ensuring it is spent on humanitarian aid. We do not control how the money is spent. Once it is there, it is fungible. For years, money that has been given to Hamas for supposedly “humanitarian” purposes has been diverted to terrorism. Hamas even posted videos of them using water pipe, provided to help deliver lifesaving water to civilians, to make rockets.

Your choice, for president, is to vote for a man Netanyahu calls the best friend Israel has ever had in the White House, or to vote for a guy who criticizes Israel and sends money to Hamas. Your choice could not be clearer.

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