Biden Would Rather Fund Terrorism & Foreign Wars Than Use Domestic Oil

By Rob Meyne

  • March 12, 2022
  • 4-min read

When does it make sense to not solve a problem that is harming the nation, even though there is a solution readily available? Is it ever a good choice to let the nation suffer because you would prefer a solution that doesn’t yet exist?

Imagine: Your doctor says you have a serious illness, there are effective drugs available to cure it, but he won’t give you one because there may be better treatments available in the future. There is a cure, but he won’t give it to you.

Would you be happy with your doctor? Right. You’d be outraged. But that is precisely what Biden is telling us to do with oil. We do not yet have the capacity to meet our energy needs through renewable, green energy. But Biden would rather let our economy, security, and personal lives suffer than use the abundant fossil fuels we have in our own country.

We have an energy problem today. The quickest way to solve it is through expanding domestic exploration and production. And it is the only solution that is entirely within our control.

We can’t turn oil production off and on like a faucet. It took a year under Biden’s anti-fossil fuel policies for gas prices to rise this high, and it would take a bit to drive them back down. But Biden says we should wait until we can rely on green energy. I don’t know if there is a universe in which that makes sense, but it isn’t this one.

Our leaders in Washington aren’t willing to use the oil we have in our own country because they are more concerned about placating environmental activists than keeping our economy humming, people employed, families fed, and secure.

Biden was dragged, kicking and screaming, into implementing a temporary ban on Russian oil. He reluctantly did the right thing because he was pressured into it. But he is outright lying when he says he bears no responsibility for high gas prices. (62% of the increase in gas prices during his tenure occurred prior to the invasion of Ukraine.)

America has the largest proven oil reserves of any nation. Yet our leaders choose to buy it from adversaries, nation’s whose leaders despise us, who fund terrorism, who carry out wars of aggression, rather than using our own. If anyone ever writes an objective history of this issue in America, it will conclude that current energy policy is as stupid, damaging, and indefensible as any in history. See:,120%20billion%20(Table%201).

Here is Biden from a 2020 Dem primary debate. “No more subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. No more drilling including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill period. It ends.” If that isn’t clear enough for you, please do the nation a favor and quit trying to think about politics. You can leave the debate, join those who don’t follow politics, and increase the average IQ of both groups.

Biden endorsed a ban on fracking, then lied about it.

He endorsed a carbon tax, which would increase the cost of gasoline.

As referenced in this tweet, Biden even advocated jailing fossil fuel CEOs.

If you need even more, see Biden flatly says we should get rid of all fossil fuels and have no new coal power plants.

Most illustrative of the condescension of Biden and the left in general, he told coal workers if they lose their jobs they should learn to code.

Imagine this seen in a West Virginia household. “Honey, I lost my job at the mine today, but no problem, because I’m learning to code over the weekend and start my new job Monday.” It is hard to imagine a more arrogant and clueless attitude than Biden’s.

It is odd, but fact, that a New York millionaire is more in tune and sympathetic to the needs of average Americans that the leader of the Democratic Party. Dems used to portray themselves as the champions of average people. They cannot today claim that is true.

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  1. Everything is going as planned for our basement campaigning non-elected President Joe Biden. His very first official act after being sworn in was to change this country from being an oil-dependent nation with gasoline prices at the pump from $2.44 per gallon and exporting oil to other nations to where we are now. Gasoline at $4.48 per gallon, buying oil from Russia to help Putin with his war against Ukraine, and begging our enemy, who has vowed to kill us, to sell us oil. We need to contact our congressmen and women and not ask they work for us, DEMAND, they contact our non-elected President and they must DEMAND that he immediately return OUR country to where it was before he was a election stealing, non-elected POS.

    1. Gas was $1.75/gal on election day where I live. I made a mental note as I knew price escalation would soon ensue. It did.

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