“Fakebook” is Determined to
Destroy Free Speech

By Rob Meyne

  • Nov. 27, 2021
  • 3-min read

We recently heard a story of a Chinese national who was discussing the news media. She said most Chinese people are surprised at how many Americans continue to pay attention to the mainstream media.

She said nearly all Chinese (clearly an opinion, not necessarily provable) simply don’t pay attention to their media. They understand it is all useless and biased information, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Of course, they are right. All Chinese media, as well as corporations and local governments, are controlled by the CCP. Nothing of significance happens in China that isn’t approved of, or directed by, the Party.

As she observed, mainstream American media also effectively follow the “Party line.” It is barely more objective than Chinese media. The exact method by which the American media is controlled differs from China, but the effect does not. It is difficult, bordering on impossible, for reporters or editors in the U. S. today to report news, or express opinion, that differs from the narratives promoted by leftists, Democratic leaders, and corporate media.

As an example, look at the corruption and censorship expressed by major social media platforms. For good or ill, most Americans get their news today from them. And most of it is biased, inaccurate, or outright lies.

Just this week, it was revealed that Facebook censored posts related to the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Facebook censored posts, removed them, or readjusted their algorithms so people couldn’t find them. Zuckerberg would make a good Bond villain. Or maybe he is more like the Unabomber, but with fewer social skills, and worse wardrobe, and less personality.

Facebook has, falsely, claimed they were “doing God’s work” by protecting us from false statements about things like Covid. That is a load of crap, to use a sophisticated journalistic term! They actually censor information simply based on their political views. If you are conservative, or even just objective, you are likely to be de-platformed or suppressed.

Facebook is a pro-censorship, leftist, Democratic platform that uses its editorial license and company profits to stifle conservative views and directly support Democratic voters. Zuckerberg gave nearly half a billion dollars of his own fortune to local election officials so they could boost turnout in counties that vote heavily Democratic. The Biden Administration and Democratic leadership know this and owes a ton of favors to Zuckerberg.

That is why they are working hand-in-hand with him to develop legislation that will secure “Fakebook’s” place at the top of the social media hierarchy, keep Zuckerberg a rich man, stifle competition, and censor conservatives. As we have observed in these pages, the fake whistleblower from Fakebook is part of the strategy to stifle diversity of opinion and entrench our tech overlords as determinants of what is acceptable thought. Some outlets, like NPR, here, bragged about how lucky they were to be given millions to turn out Democratic votes. Other analysis, here, notes it may be a teeny tine problem when oligarchs fund what should be public operations, thus effectively “owning” the leaders they help elect.

Do yourself a favor. Pick up a copy of Mollie Hemingway’s new book, which details the collusion between big tech, the media, and Democratic leadership. It is discussed here, and in dozens of other columns and op-eds you will find if you do a quick search.

It is reality, not a conspiracy theory, to observe that American Oligarchs, legacy media, and big tech work together, regularly, to suppress conservative views. This is the direction in which we are headed, and the White House, as they have bragged, is all in as they work with social media to censor posts. If you wonder what it looks like for a formerly free nation to gradually lose its freedom, wonder no more. Just look out the window.

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