Leftists are the Science Deniers

By Rob Meyne

Leftists are Science Deniers

  • Oct. 13, 2021
  • 2-min read

There is an extensive list of falsehoods the left/politically correct crowd needs you to believe to support their agenda. It is frankly impressive how boldly they insist you believe a variety of falsehoods about America. This requires brazen disregard for the facts.

This kind of chutzpah far exceeds anything even rabid Trump supporters possess in maintaining the 2020 election was problematic. If Trump is promoting the “Big Lie,” the left is promoting a patchwork quilt of them. They lie easily and often, on topics such as whether the rich pay taxes to how many people were left behind in Afghanistan and how many illegals are flooding the country.

Biden wants young black kids to think they are in daily danger of being slaughtered by police officers who want to kill them solely because of their race.


Putting aside issues of electoral fraud and error, let’s admit we would be grateful if the Democratic leaders/socialists spent their days promoting ONLY one lie. That would be a step in the right direction. They endorse more lies before breakfast than most conservatives do all day. Their views are built on a foundation of lies. And their success depends on you believing them. Truth is the enemy of socialism and political correctness. Truth is the ally of freedom and conservatism.

That is why most liberal/leftist arguments are based on emotional appeal, personal attacks, and acceptance of falsehoods. Most conservative arguments are based on data and policy.

Today’s example: consider how the use of language describing sex – sex – has become corrupted. Words that deal with gender are so unmoored from reality they are essentially useless.

A person can accept that people have the freedom to call themselves anything they want: man, woman, Morlock, Druid, hog, dog, or frog. Fine so far.

But choosing to call yourself something other than what is scientifically and biologically accurate has nothing to do with reality. You can identify as anything you want. You can sincerely believe it. You can have a thousand reasons for doing so but they do not, in toto, change the simple reality that sex is determined by biology, by genetics. If you have a Y chromosome you are a man. If you do not, you are a woman. Period. End of story. There is no role for preference, emotions, or feelings in that discussion.

Yet, many, maybe most, of those on the left insist that sex is a matter of choice, perception, emotions, etc. It is not. How you think of yourself can be a choice, a conscious decision. Genetics is not.

But the left insists that you turn your back on things that are incontrovertibly true to embrace their agenda. And if you don’t – if you defend truth – you are criticized, vilified, and attacked.

In today’s America, even supposedly factual publications and sites, run by allegedly intelligent people, say things that a six year old with an IQ in double digits or higher would know are not true.

Thus we get tripe like this. The web site for Healthline apparently strives to give helpful information to families and individuals about all manner of health questions. Their site includes this statement: “Yes, it’s possible for men to become pregnant and give birth to children of their own.” No, it is not.

If there is a better example of recent lie, I haven’t heard it. (And I’ve heard Jen Psaki!)

They later say that not all people who are assigned the male gender at birth identify as men. (People refer to being “assigned” a gender, as if it is a decision that is made arbitrarily, capriciously, and without an evidentiary base. A person is “assigned” gender in the same way they are assigned two arms, ears, or legs. The “assignation” has nothing to do with choice. It is an observation of reality. It is a data-based statement. The fact that someone might later identify as a male, female or cuttlefish has exactly nothing to do with the reality of their sex.

Conservatives are largely happy for people call themselves whatever they wish. Most of us don’t care. If it makes you happy, good for you. But the left requires more than that. Leftists require that you accept that their choices, their perceptions, even when they conflict with reality. That is in many ways the greatest schism between conservatives and leftists. Not that people can choose to call themselves what they want – again, most people couldn’t care less – but that we accept things that are demonstrably false.

Amusingly, the party that maintains you can change your sex just, by the way you think about it, is the one who often accuses conservatives of being anti-science. If you simply refuse to accept obvious, grandiose prevarication from the left, their entire policy agenda crumbles.

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