NEWSFEED TUESDAY: Democrats Headed for a British Labour Party Disaster

J Robert Smith

  • Feb. 25, 2020
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Some of the most astute analysis of Labour’s thumping loss has come from Lisa Nandy, member of Parliament for Wigan, who resigned from Corbyn’s shadow Cabinet in 2016 over his management and her party’s Brexit position. Nandy is an outside shot for the leadership, but she has impressed with her straight talk on where the party went off the rails. Speaking about feedback from voters, she says:

“There was just a general sense that at the top of the Labour Party we don’t speak for people like them anymore, a sense we don’t have skin in the game, that we’re not rooted in those communities, and we’re just not like them, and we don’t come very often to just ask people what they think and to listen to what they’ve got to say.” [bold added]

Bloomberg, via the Japanese Times, January 12, 2020


It’s too easy to compare Bernie Sanders to Jeremy Corbyn, the fallen leader of the recently vanquished British Labour Party, MSM pundits claim. The U.S. isn’t Great Britain. Comparing the leftist Labour Party’s electoral debacle late last autumn to what’s in store for Democrats this autumn doesn’t wash.

Oh, but it does. British and American voters aren’t exactly alike, but there are enough similarities to suggest that Democrats may want to keep their political last wills and testaments handy. Particularly, if self-proclaimed “democratic” socialist Bernie Sanders leads their ticket.

Keep in mind that the Democratic Party is a mimic party. It mimics leftist parties in Europe, right down to their extreme agendas and antisemitism. The parallels between the Labour and Democratic parties are striking.

Wrote Mike Harris for Foreign Policy, December 18, 2019:

Looking across the Atlantic to the current debates in the Democratic Party, committed British social democrats hear the same siren sounds that have led Labour to annihilation: the obsession with identity politics over communitarian patriotism, shopping lists of policies that signal fiscal incontinence, and the siren sounds of political extremism (anti-imperialism, conspiratorialism and anti-Semitism). [italics added]

Take a closer look at Labour’s erstwhile leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn is a no-apologies socialist. Bernie Sanders is every inch the ideologue that Corbyn is. Rebukes of leftist tyrants like the Fidel Castro, Mao, and others are tepid, if not downright gentle. Socialism, despite an irrefutable documented history of failure, works for them. Venezuela’s abject socialist failure is excused in a million different ways.

Note that before Labour’s skunking in last year’s elections, the MSM was making flattering comparisons between Sanders and Corbyn. Sanders was enthusiastic for Corbyn and Labour prior to its defeat. Sanders has since muted his praise.

As to similarities between the two socialists, London’s The Guardian, weighed in with comparisons. From February 15, 2020:

Their messages are similar too. Sanders wants “an economy that works for all, not just the 1%”, while Corbyn stood as the champion of “the many, not the few”. Both are exponents of a particular brand of leftwing populism, offering themselves as tribunes of the hard-working majority against an elite of bankers and billionaires that has rigged the economy in its own favor.

Both boast of the scale of their ambition. Corbyn trumpeted Labour’s 2019 manifesto as the most radical programme in a generation, while the warmup track at a Sanders rally is Tracy Chapman’s Talkin’ Bout a Revolution. Both have promised that victory for them would see their respective countries transformed.

The Guardian article goes on to discuss differences between the men. Corbyn is an out-and-out anti-Semite. Sanders, a Jew, isn’t supposed to be. But his generally anti-Israel stance and support of the Palestinian Authority are clues that Sanders is more a Jew in name only. Sanders’ dodgy answers on faith suggest he’s an atheist, which makes him a cultural Jew at best.

Corbyn accepted money from Iran and the Arabs for services (see The Guardian article). Sanders hasn’t done that, but his decades-long embrace of the Soviet Union, Cuba, and the Sandinistas reeks of the old leftist “America is an imperialist dog” mantra.

Generational change is making the Democratic Party more like the British Labour Party. Socialism is ascendant in the party that once boasted Jefferson, Madison, and Jackson as its heroes. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and The Squad are aiding Sanders, and impatiently waiting in the wings for their chance to grab the party’s reins.

The Democratic Party is already pink. The real question is, will it one day be solid red?

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