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SPECIAL: Free Blacks from White Progressive Democrats

J Robert Smith

  • June 4, 2020
  • 3 min read

“What I’m saying to Black America, we must stop victimizaton [sp]. We must stop complaining about what white folks have done to us in the past. We must go into ourselves, as Dr. King said, and find indelible ink — our own emancipation proclamation.”

Robert Woodson Interview, CNS News, May 12, 2015


Black generational poverty is a fact. It’s persisted, if not increased, since Lyndon Johnson’s “Not-So-Great-Society” was launched in the mid-1960s. That seems contrary to common sense, but it isn’t. You must look deeper – to the facts and politics – to appreciate why Democrats’ policies and governance have failed poor blacks, spectacularly.

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