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SCOTUS Gets One Decision Right

The Supreme Court has, thankfully, affirmed the federal government does not have the authority to force average citizens to get a vaccine.

The heart of our health care system has always been that people and their doctors have the right, even the duty, to make their private, personal health care decisions based on their unique circumstances. The mandate runs counter to that foundational value.

CDC has recently conceded vaccinations don’t do anything to protect against the newest version of the virus. They say that natural immunity does more to protect us than a vaccine, but still insist you need to be vaccinated, even if you have had it. They also admit that, even if you have had the shots, you can still get it and still pass it on.

Vaccines reportedly help you to get a milder case, when you do get it, but they are not vaccines in the traditional sense. We were told a “lie” that said, if we get the vax, we won’t get Covid, can’t spread it, and can live a normal life. None of that was true.

Anyone who questions vaccine efficacy is in danger of being labeled an anti-vaxxer or conspiracy theorist. Yet, in the past month I have had appointments with three separate doctors. Each of them independently brought up the subject of Covid, said that we had handled the pandemic disastrously, and criticized the vaccines as ineffective and untested. None of the three have gotten the vaccine themselves. All have had Covid, so have natural immunity.

Mandatory vaccinations would be a new low in individual freedom in America. If government can force you to get a shot, what can’t they do? We have already seen most of our key liberties violated with lockdowns, banning church, etc. If we literally allow government to force citizens to get a shot, well, it is game over.

We let people go out and about without any medical intervention at all with other diseases that kill people. The flu and AIDs are two examples. You don’t have to lockdown at home or wear a mask.

Most children get some important vaccines to be able to attend school. But they can choose not to attend public school. In Nevada, which seems typical, kids need to be vaccinated for measles, tetanus, diphtheria, mumps, and rubella. Anyone younger than 23 and enrolled it higher ed as a freshman must also submit proof of immunity against meningitis. There are exceptions for children with religious or medical reasons. It is worth discussing, at another time, what should be the policy on vaccines for children.

Adults are a separate issue. They are essentially never forced to get vaccines just to be able to live their lives. Can you think of a vaccine you have been forced to get as just an average person? A Covid mandate would be an entirely new class of governmental control over our lives.

The restrictions on our freedom, in the name of health, are not a function of a unique deadly disease. They are a function of a uniquely anti-freedom cohort running the show in Washington and many state capitals. They claim it is all for your own good. Nonsense. That is what autocrats always say.

We have vaccines largely because of President Trump. And that is great. But we should not be forced to take any medicine if we have legitimate moral, health, or religious reasons not to.

About 145 million Americans have had Covid. They have natural immunity that is far superior to any provided by a vaccine. The want us to take the vaccine so we will get used to being told what to do. They want to set a precedent. And they want to give the drug companies additional profits. Do you think it is a coincidence that the 5th most widely held stock among members of the House and Senate is…. Wait for it… Pfizer? If you believe that is coincidence, I know a Nigerian prince to whom you should send your bank account information.

Get a vaccine or don’t. It should be up to you.

The Biden Administration said, less than a year ago, that they would not require vaccinations, would not issue a mandate, and did not have the authority to do so. Then they suddenly did it anyway. Fortunately, for once, SCOTUS defended our rights. It is sad that they even had to.

Faith in Government Led to COVID Failures

By Rob Meyne

  • Dec. 27, 2021
  • 5-min read

Someday, the full story of COVID’s effect on America will be written. If it is compiled competently, and truthfully, it will describe some successes but also a ton of mixed messages, censorship, policy reversals, selective reliance on “science,” and assaults on our rights.

There may be debates about the effectiveness of how we responded to COVID, but there is no dispute it was an astonishingly draconian assertion of governmental power and control over our lives. You will recall President Trump grudgingly accepted the need for “15 days to flatten the curve,” which led to a near-complete shutdown of our economy and normal life. At the same time, he endorsed strategies to protect those who were at greatest risk and initiated Project Warp Speed to develop a vaccine in record time.

Following that initial period, and nearly alone among our leaders, President Trump urged a quick return to normal life. Predictably, the state and local governments, as well as federal regulators, who managed our COVID response fell in love with lockdowns and mandates, and they continued long after the President supported them.

If you rely on your memory, rather than mainstream media, you may recall Biden and Harris both discouraged people from getting a vaccine. Astonishingly, today’s preferred media/Democratic Party narrative is that President Trump and his supporters are anti-vaccine Neanderthals, whose reticence is keeping COVID alive. Quite the contrary: President Trump led development of a vaccine, has promoted it, got the vax himself, and the groups with the lowest vaccination rates are Blacks and Hispanics, groups that generally vote Democratic.

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