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If We Can Save Even One Life, Maybe We Shouldn’t

Rob Meyne

  • April 17, 2020
  • 3 min read

Imagine you could time travel back just three months. You’re watching your local news and the reporter says “The governor today issued orders banning church services, golf, eating at restaurants, or assembling in groups of ten or more.” If you value freedom as much as you should, you would have been stopped in your tracks, amazed, rattled, scared, and absolutely certain you heard this wrong. “No,” you would say, “Surely I can’t actually have just heard that church services have been banned. That not only makes no sense, the First Amendment actually guarantees freedom of religion.” You would be right to be outraged. Today, we hear such things daily, and don’t bat an eyelash. Why? Because we’ve been conned into thinking our health is the only thing that matters. Whatever we do to stay safe, we should. Period.

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