The Left’s Favorite Issues

By Rob Meyne

  • Dec. 7, 2021
  • 3-min read

Every Washington solution currently being offered, by the Party that controls the legislative and executive branches, would give more power to government. They all call for a bigger role for government in controlling our lives and the economy, and, by definition, less individual freedom.

If you want to fully understand what is happening on two issues, which you hear about daily, all you need to do is remember who is in charge and what they want. Call them leftists, socialists, progressives, or whatever, they all favor more government and less freedom. So, they enthusiastically champion issues that give them an excuse to implement expensive governmental programs.

Two “dream” issues for the left are COVID and climate. They provide perfect excuses for governmental, corporate, and non-profit elites to do exactly what they have always wanted. These issues also allow them to say, “it is for our own good, the future of the world is at stake, and we if we save even one life,” etc. The left loves to condescend to us, and to criticize anyone who dares to disagree with them. If you have a different opinion, according to them, you are not just mistaken, you are vile, filthy, and evil. They don’t usually even bother to criticize our opinions. They find it more effective to just vilify us.

If you believe the leftist/socialist agenda just happens to be what we need to combat climate change, or to handle COVID, then you are, with respect, naïve beyond belief.

Another similarity in these two issues is that neither suggests we need gradual or incremental measures. It is all or nothing. Huge, dramatic, structural changes in our nation are suddenly necessary. Climate change — which used to be called global warming until they realized the planet wasn’t warming as inexorably as predicted -– requires a complete restructuring of our economy. And if you deign to question it you are unpatriotic, selfish, or dangerous.

An acceptable approach to climate change exists that would not require such drastic measures. Remember, none of the supposed climate disasters that are coming will happen overnight. IF the sea levels rise by the half a foot (pick your prediction) or so that is predicted for the end of the century, it won’t happen tomorrow. It will be gradual and will provide us ample time and warning to prepare for it. Plus, in some ways, warm weather is known to save lives. Warmer climates would be a boon to agriculture. Plus, more people die from severe cold than from severe heat.

COVID, according to leftists, has only three acceptable responses. Lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates. Have you noticed how little focus is given to treatments, to therapies? Washington spends nearly zero time on those. Why? Two big reasons.

First, is that it is not about health, it is about control. Covid presents the left with a chance to show that there is no limit to the power they can wield. Like the vaccine or not, if government can force you to get a vaccine, there is literally nothing they can’t do. COVID has already shown Dem leadership (and some GOPs) believe they have the power to unilaterally order you to stay home, skip Thanksgiving, not attend church, go only to big box stores, not local shops, and more — the Michigan governor even used COVID as an excuse to ban shopping for gardening tools or ride, outside, away from people, in a motorboat. We are not making this up. IF government can do all of that — and to date they have generally gotten away with it — throw in vaccine mandates, and there is nothing they can’t do.

A second reason for the left’s love of mandates, particularly vaccines, is that pharmaceutical companies make money off them. Political leaders owe much to Big Pharma, and they are committed to making sure they make money off this crisis.

Notably, when anyone dares to even suggest there may be different approaches, diversity of opinion, or new and different information that should be considered, what happens? Right. They are marginalized, thrown off social media or censored, and called extremist wacko conspiracy theorists.

When our leaders discourage discussion, diversity of opinion, and debate, we are in trouble. If you are comfortable with living in a nation where you are not allowed to question government, you’ve got it.

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