Why Don’t Democratic Candidates Seem to Like America Much?

Robert Meyne

  • Nov. 23, 2019
  • 4 min read

It’s astonishing how politically bifurcated we have become. Many people who’ve spent years supporting politicians who are seriously flawed – liars, crooks, hypocrites –have adopted faux outrage over everything done by President Trump. Some Democratic leaders announced before Trump was even inaugurated that they wanted to impeach hm. Their entire agenda, for more than three years, has been driven by a single goal: to get rid of Trump. They put politics ahead of the national good, consistently and reliably. (There are days that I wish Republicans in Congress were as disciplined and committed as the Democrats.)

They are also shocked – shocked! – that an elected official might do something that has political implications. In fact, that is nearly all the Democrats in the House are doing.

After three years of constant politically-driven attacks on Trump – most of which, like the “Mueller” probe (we put in in quotes because Mueller clearly doesn’t know much more about it than we do), have been found to be baseless – people are now acting like it’s an impeachable offense to ask an ally to cooperate with our Department of Justice to investigate corruption.

It is? Since when? Why? Should Democrats be immune from investigation simply because they are running for president? The DOJ, through Mueller, the SDNY, and other offices has investigated, prosecuted, and even convicted people associated with Trump (not about coordinating with the Russians, but on unrelated crimes). Think about that for a moment. Trump is in charge of the DOJ and can fire anyone he wants to, at any time, but has let the department move ahead with their work and put in jail people who he once considered friends. Well, fine. We say let the chips fall where they may. But why isn’t the same level of scrutiny appropriate for the other side?

For some reason, asking the DOJ to look at potential crimes committed by someone who is in the other party is unethical. Why? Why is it only ethical (if you are a Republican) to investigate your own side, but not the opposition? Anyone? Bueller?

It’s astonishing how politically bifurcated we have become. Many people who have spent years supporting politicians who are seriously flawed – liars, crooks, hypocrites – now, in the age of Trump, have adopted faux outrage over everything done by the President.

While some of the criticism of Trump is understandable – he wasn’t my first choice – the great majority of it simply reflects a significant and unavoidable difference in how we look at things. And what we value.

I know many people whom I consider to be basically decent who find it inconceivable I support Trump. What is it that we see that they don’t? Or, what is it that they see that we don’t? And what is it that we value more, or differently, than they?

We’ll explore these questions more in the weeks ahead, but for now, here’s a key point: many of the Dem candidates for president don’t seem to actually like our country much. And they have very little good to say about it.

No matter what else we may look for in an elected official, many Americans think it’s important to vote for someone who loves their country, likes it, and thinks it’s a good influence in the world. Duh. Yet, many Democratic candidates don’t seem to actually like the country very much. And they don’t seem to value our traditions of freedom, faith, and capitalism.

If you read a transcript of most Dem speeches, which isn’t something you’d do for fun, it’s hard to find a single good thing they have to say about our country. I recently read a speech Warren delivered to a native American group (insert your own joke here). It was not a pleasant experience. But the point is this: she, a candidate for the highest office in the world, said exactly nothing positive about America. Not. One. Thing. She can’t even bring herself to toss in a standard, boilerplate paragraph about how this is a great nation, etc. Not. One. Word.

I also read, painfully, a Bernie Sanders speech. In several thousand words he had exactly nothing positive to say about our country. Zip. Zero. Nada. The same number of things Jerry Nadler has to teach us about exercise and weight loss.

Biden comes closest to appearing to have some affection for America. He never waxes poetically about how great we are. And he criticizes Thomas Jefferson, who may be the greatest of our founders. Yet, he does, in a sense compliment a couple of former presidents, but only in order to position them in contrast to President Trump. Doesn’t it tell us something that you have to work to find a Dem with something good to say about America?

This just in: you don’t have to search long and hard to find good things Ronald Reagan or George H. W. Bush had to say about America. Nor is Donald Trump shy about saying good things about us. (Here’s a marital tip for you: if you have to think for a while to remember the last time you told your wife you love her, you aren’t telling her often enough.)

What does that tell you? It isn’t that complicated. It tells me they don’t like this country very much. It they did, they wouldn’t be able to go through dozens of speeches without uttering something loving or praiseful about it.

Call us silly or old-fashioned, but a lot of people love our country and want to vote for someone who also does. The only Dem candidate who consistently comes across as really loving America is Tulsi Gabbard. She’s a veteran who, you will recall, has been accused of being a Russian asset, that lie coming from the font of more prevarication than anyone else currently active in politics, the Hildebeast.

Why do people who seek our nation’s highest office find it so hard to say something nice about our country? They can talk all day, all night, and into next month listing horrible things about us. That comes easily and naturally to them.

If you favor constitutional government, conservative values, love your country, and love God, you have exactly one choice for president. Not two. Not zero. One, and his name is Donald Trump.

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