Leftists Are Trying to Redefine Racism

Fighting Racism Sets Us All Free

Many on the left want to atone for past racism by expanding today’s racism

Rob Meyne

  • Sept. 30, 2021
  • 2-min read

Part One

If you believe people should be treated the same regardless of race, you are not racist. Period. Racists treat people differently because of race. You may treat some better, others worse, but disparate treatment of others based on race is racism. It is that simple.
A familiar guideline is the Golden Rule, a nugget of wisdom that appears in many cultures. It is probably best known today as a biblical reference. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If the above seems obvious, you are a reasonable person.

None of that suggests we are incapable of improving. No one acts impeccably. We make mistakes and often don’t live up to our own standards. But the suggestion that all white people are racist, that we can’t be “saved,” and our nation has to be fundamentally rebuilt is dangerous tripe.


By the way, if all white people are beyond redemption, what about every other racial group? Are we to believe that all whites, and only whites, are inherently racist? Nonsense. Anyone who thinks all of any one racial group is racist, and none of any other group, no longer deserves a seat at the table of rational debate.

The intelligentsia –self-appointed elite, politically correct, “morally and intellectually superior” – have recently changed the definitions of important terms. They do this to promote their political agenda and build their own power and influence. When their opponents are winning, scoring too many points, they change the game. The definition of race is a prime example.

I was taught this, actually from my grandmother: “You are no better than anyone else, and no one is better than you.” I like that. We deserve to be treated fairly and equally. Race should not be a factor. That is how I was raised. And I learned the best thing you can do to fight racism is to not be racist. The left is now dominated by people who say the best way to overcome past racism is to be racist today.

Today, Dem leaders/socialists/activists are changing all that. Here, for example, you see how a prominent “anti-racist” group defines racism. It encourages us to look at people as groups, with similar skin color, and not as individuals. It suggests that groups matter, people don’t. It spews inaccurate and hateful fictions, such as suggesting that racism is a one-way street: whites are racist, blacks can’t be.

Even Merriam Webster is changing its definition. The pressure on them is to extend a definition of racism to include its systemic nature. They determine, unilaterally, that our nation, society, government, and institutions are inherently racist.

Nonsense. This nation is not inherently racist, nor is our government. Individuals can be racist. When those individuals are in positions of authority, they can implement policies – make decisions – in a racist manner. That does not make the institutions themselves racist. Governmental programs can be managed by people who are racist – it can and does happen – but that doesn’t make our government, our nation, racist. Blaming racism on America’s constitutional government makes as much sense as blaming the interstate highway system for accidents caused by bad drivers.

Professional race-baiters, like Ibram Kendi, are getting rich by peddling the fiction that our nation is irreparably racist, and endorsing racist treatment of white people. He may be the most destructive and shameful racist provocateur that isn’t named Sharpton.
Groups like this teach racism is a way to combat racism. Got it? They actually say the remedy to past racism is current racism. Two wrongs make a right. Does that make sense? Of course not. Racist conduct does not suddenly become acceptable because the hate is directed at a different group.

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