Democrats Are Officially America’s Socialist Party

Rob Meyne

  • Sept. 21, 2021
  • 3-min read

I am repeatedly astounded by the hatred that is spouted by the left on a regular basis. Leftists, anti-Trumpers, and the media (but I repeat myself) are the best examples extant of political “projection,” the tendency to accuse others of that which you are doing.

There is hypocrisy all around. True enough. That said, one party is in charge of the federal government. It shows no actual interest in bipartisanship. Its main tenets are based on lies or exaggerations. And the bile and corruption from people in charge is more damaging than from those who are on the sidelines. A bad decision by the quarterback on the field does more damage than anything done by the back-up sitting on the bench.

I wish we had better choices. I am not in love with the Republican Party, either. But politics is about dealing with the world as it is. The greatest so
urce of vitriol and hate currently is the left. And it isn’t even close.

In addition, mainstream Democrats are more supportive of socialism, and socialist policies, than capitalism. They also view their fellow Americans as the enemy, while their counterpart Independents and Republicans do not rank the leftists themselves as a threat. They view their policies and actions as harmful, but not the people themselves. That is a major difference in the parties.

Democrats are America’s Socialist Party. And they are in charge in Washington. It is understandable that many grassroots Democrats reject that reality. I get it. I wouldn’t want to be associated with Democratic leaders, either.

Some, perhaps many, regular Democrats are moderate, support freedom and free enterprise, and are patriotic. Yet they are in the minority, and it does not describe their leaders. Leaders and supporters of the Democratic Party are fundamentally different than even ten years ago. The party that once nominated John Kennedy would not do so today. Kennedy spoke more like Mark Levin or Ronald Reagan than Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi.

These observations are based on what Democrats say about themselves. Polls show a majority of regular, rank and file Democratic voters prefer socialism to capitalism. The reverse is true for both moderates and Republicans. That data point alone illustrates there are real, substantial, irreconcilable differences between the bases of the parties. If that isn’t a vital difference, nothing is.

Anti-Trumpers and Dems ask conservatives to compromise. Compromise, to them, means changing your views to align with theirs. Where is the compromise on having an open border? Do we just have it open every other day? Or closed on Sundays, like liquor stores in Terre Haute when I was a kid? Where is the middle ground on abortion? Every other Mom can kill their kid? Where is a middle ground on the censorship being implemented, in partnership with social media? Should every other post be censored? There is no middle ground on some issues. And they tend to be the ones that are very important.

Now consider this from the Daily Caller. Polls last week showed more Democrats consider Trump supporters to be more of a threat to the nation than… wait for it… anything else. Got it?

GOPs and Independents both view the Taliban and defunding the police to be the top two threats to America. Democrats view Trump supporters to be a bigger threat than crime, defunding police, international terrorism, inflation, or the heartbreak of psoriasis.

Of the two major parties, Democrats look at their fellow Americans as our biggest threat. That is generally not how the Republicans describe Democrats. Dems fear people, those on the Republican or “Trump” side, rather than focusing on the policies themselves.

The thought that Trump supporters are a key threat to America is happily promoted by the mainstream media, such as MSN, where they accuse the right and white supremacists of being our key challenge. Biden does it, Harris does it, Pelosi does it, as does the mainstream media. Even George W. Bush – a good man who has become a useful idiot –publicly stokes fear of conservatives and Trump supporters. Admittedly, I’d still vote for Bush against Biden (I’d vote for Sirhan Sirhan against Biden. So that isn’t saying much). But W has become an embarrassment.

Republicans fear terrorism, crime, inflation, censorship. Democrats fear you.

The thought that there are not key differences between the parties is nonsense. Remember, the sad realities about today’s Democratic Party are based on what Democratic voters tell us about themselves. We can reliably believe most Democratic voters vilify conservatives and favor socialism because that is what they tell us.

Mainstream Democrats are likely to react bitterly to the observation their party is dominated by socialists. Again, understandably so. But too often, conservatives are afraid to take the heat or defend what is clearly an accurate statement. We have to quit being bullied into silence. If someone accuses you of just trying to demonize them by calling them socialist, try this: ask them is they are not primarily socialist, why do they say they are when describing themselves? Socialist isn’t just an accurate term for describing them, it is the term they use. We don’t decide they are socialists… they do.

Unless, and until, this changes, anyone who continues to claim the right is more hateful, violent, or dangerous is just proving how disconnected they are from reality. Informed and sentient homo sapiens know the Democratic Party has – for now, anyway – become America’s Socialist Party and America’s leading purveyors of hate.

Meanwhile, there is no shortage of calls for violence from the left. Neither party should threaten violence, but the notion that it is only, or greatly, a factor of the right is tripe. For example, see here, a list of just ten examples where prominent Democrats encouraged violence against Trump supporters. The left spews hate, and the mainstream media try to cover it up.

If would be great if both parties were peaceful, principled, and truthful. Until that time, if it ever comes, it is important to recognize most of the vitriol in today’s discourse comes from the left. Think, act, and vote accordingly!

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