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Georgia Patriots MUST Vote on Tuesday

J Robert Smith

  • Jan. 3, 2021
  • 1 min read

If you’re a Georgia patriot, you must vote on Tuesday. If you’ve cast a ballot already, hat’s off. The Perdue and Loeffler contests have big consequences. They’re running against barely disguised socialist extremists. Maintaining a majority in the Senate gives Republicans at least a fighting chance to block the leftist and tyrannical measures that Democrats would push through if they control Congress and – heaven forbid – the White House.

While we fully expect Democrats to cheat in the heavily Democratic counties of Fulton, Clayton, and DeKalb, the hope is that strong turnouts elsewhere in the state can overcome the dishonesty. Also, the Georgia GOP and national conservative groups are deploying dozens of attorneys throughout the state to monitor elections and make aggressive challenges unlike anything attempted during the November General Elections.

My sense is that Democrats know well that they’ll face intense scrutiny in Tuesday’s Peach State contests. Not that they won’t try elections theft, but they can’t be as brazen as last time.

Nonetheless, defeatism, disenchantment, and cynicism are luxuries. There’s no room for luxuries in this fight to restore the rule of law and our liberties. Beat the Cheat! Patriots everywhere are counting on you! Vote!

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