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Trump Show Trial Mocks the Constitution

J Robert Smith

  • Feb 8
  • 3 min read

Updated: Feb. 9, 2021

J. Robert Smith is a contributor at American Thinker. His latest article on elections fraud and the imperative to make substantial elections reforms before the 2022 midterm elections can be found here.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 9, the U.S. Senate takes up Act II of the farce playing out on Capitol Hill: the removal trial of former president Donald J. Trump. Never mind that Congress can’t remove a past elected or appointed official from an office he doesn’t occupy. Never no-mind that Article 1, Section 3, of the Constitution is explicit about what impeachment entails. Never no-mind that a trial stands simple common sense on its head. DC is its own little inbred world playing by its own toxic rules.

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