Daily Archives: February 17, 2021

Rush Passes Away; His Fight for Liberty Continues

J Robert Smith

  • Feb 17
  • 1 min read

The news of Rush Limbaugh’s passing today (February 17) is truly sad. Rush was, in many ways, the inheritor of the Regan legacy. Clearly, his was the most important conservative voice in America for a generation, which is a remarkable feat in itself. Rush’s show reached 25-30 million listeners daily. We owe him a debt of thanks and there’s really only one way to repay him.

We each must dedicate ourselves to carrying on the cause of freedom. Rush has passed the torch to us. In many small ways, we can fight for liberty in our daily lives. Millions of small actions add up to big changes, and, heaven knows, American liberty is imperiled and the nation needs an historic change of direction. Rush fought the good fight right up to the end of his very consequential life. His integrity and courage should inspire us.

May God bless Rush, and may the Good Lord grant us the strength, wisdom, and courage to win this fight for freedom.

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