Are Democrats Plotting to Get Rid of Biden?

By Rob Meyne

  • March 28, 2022
  • 4-min read

If you value freedom over other political values, the identity of the opposition is no longer debatable: it is the Democratic leadership in Washington. Whatever party allegiance you claim — Democrat, Republican, Trade Unionist, or Rotarian Vegetarian Romanian -– you cannot be satisfied with the Party that is in control. They are singularly dedicated to increasing the size and power of government at the expense of your own.
Team Biden’s staff, supporters, appointees, consiglieres, and enablers in the media have pushed the most extreme radical policies ever undertaken by a new administration. After claiming in the campaign to be a moderate, Biden has said his goal is to have the most “progressive” presidency ever. His actions bely any claim to moderation.

Fortunately for America, there is always another election coming up. The political playing field for 2022 is full of challenges for the Democratic majority. We’ll be discussing these issues in the days to come. But first, some caveats.

Some electoral predictions being tossed around are ridiculously optimistic. Republicans need only five seats to take control and it looks like it will be a good year. But the math just doesn’t leave room for the GOP to win anything like 50 seats. It can’t happen.

In addition, don’t underestimate the ability of the GOP leadership to screw things up. Republicans may be the more impressive and effective of the two parties, but that is like being the tallest midget, the skinniest fat boy, or the best-looking ugly guy. The Republicans have not promoted a clear agenda, or drawn distinctions with their opponents, and they let the democrats set the terms of the debate.

The GOP is akin to Lia Thomas, the biological male who won an NCAA women’s swimming championship. If Republicans win this fall, it will owe more to the quality of the opposition than to their own appeal.

Republicans are better advocates for our Constitution, freedom, a strong national defense, and a robust economy. That said, the differences with the Dems aren’t as stark as we would like. There is much not to like in both parties. But the GOP is the better of two imperfect choices. And, if Kevin McCarthy is speaker a year from now, it won’t be because he is a brilliant strategist or debater.

So what do we know? First, the Dems understand the Biden presidency is a disaster. It is difficult to think of even one major policy area that has improved during his tenure. The Biden Administration is a dumpster fire, on a sinking ship, in a hurricane, where the captain is dead, and the passengers and crew all have the newest and deadliest form of Covid. Or maybe it’s a little worse.

Second, Biden’s approval is at historic lows. However, he’s still slightly less detestable than VP Kamala Harris. Harris recently polled as “Fourth most likable” in one survey. Of course, the choices that came in ahead of her were Pol Pot, Osama Bin Laden, and Raoul Castro’s gardener. Harris is giving Hillary Clinton (AKA The “Hildebeast”) a run for her money in the competition for “Least likable biped.”

Third, with dumb and dumber as their leaders, Dems are concerned about the potential for an electoral blood bath in the mid-terms.

Fourth, it is no longer debatable whether Biden is incompetent. We have all the proof we need. Biden’s staff, advisors, and kindred spirits in both formal and informal roles are running the show. Biden is clearly not in charge and effectively admits it every time he says things like who he has been told who to call on in a news conference, calls Kamala the first lady or the president, or has to be ushered around an event so he doesn’t accidentally fall off the stage into the arms of a waiting media sycophant. Biden can still read off a teleprompter but when he goes off script it is a train wreck.

This would be bad enough if it was just embarrassing. It is not. It is dangerous. This week Biden indicated he planned to send U. S. troops to Ukraine, called for Putin’s ouster, and threatened to use chemical weapons (which we aren’t even supposed to have). If you consider things like nuclear war to be a problem, you’d want someone capable of walking and chewing gum, at the same time, to be in charge. Biden is not that guy.

America is run by people who have never been elected to office. How long can they keep up this charade?

With mid-term elections ahead, we might speculate on what is going on in the (formerly) smoke-filled rooms, bars, offices, and hotel suites where the political elite gather to plot our collective future.
Questions for the Dems include how long can Biden remain in office?

When and how should he be removed? Can we survive having Kamala Harris as president? How can we get rid of her? Who can fill in for either or both of them? Who can they run in 2024?

Lots of good questions, right? We’ll speculate a bit in our next installment about options they must be considering.

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