Some Democratic Options for the Next Election

By Rob Meyne

  • March 20, 2022
  • 4-min read

Anyone who spent the 2020 campaign warning people that Biden would be a disaster as president is already tired of telling people “I told you so.” In fact, anyone who is conservative, supports individual freedom, or voted for Donald Trump has already had numerous opportunities to point out we were right.

Biden was part of the broader Democratic Party effort to move the nation as far left as possible, as quickly as possible. Biden pretended to be a moderate when it suited his near-term goals, but his actions (or those by whoever is running the country) have shown he is serious, as he has promised, about being the most progressive/leftist/politically correct/liberal president ever.

Democratic leadership is so inflexibly committed to pushing their extreme agenda that even the possibility of a bad year at the polls does not seem to dissuade them. Most surveys indicate Biden’s party will be beaten like a rented mule this November. And in 2024, depending on who they offer up.

There is a lot of time left, and the GOP has proven it is capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of certain victory. But as of today, things look grim for team Pelosi/AOC/Omar.

Which brings us to speculation.

It is certain that the Democratic leadership is discussing, as we speak, ways to stay in control. They like power as much as Ted Kennedy liked strip club buffets.

Consider some options:

  1. Just ride it out. Keep Biden in office, even running in 2024, if he can continue to do a decent imitation of a sentient mammal.
    The Dems would prop up Biden, like something out of Weekend at Bernie’s, keep pushing a nascent socialist agenda, and hope for the best. This may be the riskiest strategy. But it would give them the benefit of being able to keep the pedal to the metal as the push for the most radical changes possible.
  2. Throw Biden overboard. Have him say he is in failing health (which would have the added benefit of being true) and resign. That would put Kamala “I make everyone else look smart” Harris in charge. This is also very risky, as it puts in place one of the few politicians less likable than Biden. The only way Harris is exceptional is in her loathsomeness.
  3. Find a way to also get rid of Kamala. That opens the way for the Hildebeast, or some other Democrat of note, to sweep in. Get rid of Joe. Harris becomes president. Appoint Hillary VP. Get rid of Harris. Hillary becomes president. This is their strongest play, but also the most difficult to pull off.
    With Harris waiting in the wings, the Dems face the dreadful reality that, if they get rid of Biden, they will be stuck with one of the few humans on the planet the American voters like less. And if her recent forays into Europe offer a clue, she seems devoted to proving she is just as incompetent as she is detestable.
    Getting rid of Harris will not be easy. Being VP is a pretty good gig in many ways. Lots of perks, plenty of staff to abuse, and no heavy lifting. But any long-term strategy to fix their “Biden problem” will also require them to fix their “Harris problem.”
    Party leaders, and their apparatchiks in the corporate and media worlds, would have to offer Harris something better than being president. It is hard to imagine what it would be, but you can assume it would have a way to include wealth, fame, and power of some sort. They would also have to threaten to expose some crime or scandal she would rather not be known. It would require a carrot and a stick.

All too farfetched? Maybe. Probably. But … never underestimate the Democratic leadership’s hunger for power or their willingness to do whatever is necessary to keep it.

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