CNN’s Lame Push Poll: Boosting Biden and Voter Suppression

“The sample contains a whopping 250 respondent over-sample of black, non-Hispanic adults.”


  • June 9, 2020
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It has been several cycles since neutral political observers could look at any of the polling from major media outlets with confidence of their accuracy. Mainstream media uses polling as a way to mold public opinion as much as reflect it. The better, and more neutral independent polling organizations care a bit more about their reputations because they have clients from the corporate and not-for-profit world. Most contemporary media organizations are just pushing an agenda. The latest example comes from CNN. They are actively attempting to mold public opinion, fire-up the Democratic base, and discourage Republicans.

CNN has become a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Its latest poll on the presidential matchup between President Trump and former vice president, Joe Biden, bears this out. The weaknesses in the survey are so substantial that even a rookie pollster could find the deficiencies in it. They want you to think the race is essentially over before it starts. Just as they tried to do in 2016. It was wrong then, and it will prove to be wrong again.

CNN claims the president lags behind the basement-bound Biden by 14 points. But as with any poll, you need to get past the topline. The devil is in the details, as they say. We’ve attached the survey report. Look at the methodology description on page 18.

The sample contains a whopping 250 respondent over-sample of black, non-Hispanic adults. Well, that explains most of the result a bit, doesn’t it? The pollsters claim they have weighted their responses back into the main sample to reflect the actual population, but you don’t get an accurate poll from a hugely skewed sample.

Another critical point: If you look at the election enthusiasm questions on pages 4-5, you’ll see that the “extremely interested” response has jumped way up from their April poll, and all others. This shows the hysterical response to what is happening now. Before, that question favored Trump, but today it’s probably going the other way, which is likely a short-term reaction that will normalize.

President Trump is dead-on lambasting CNN’s newest poll as “fake.”

Per the Washington Examiner, June 8, 2020:

“I have retained highly respected pollster, McLaughlin & Associates, to analyze today’s CNN Poll (and others), which I felt were FAKE based on the incredible enthusiasm we are receiving. Read analysis for yourself. This is the same thing they and others did when we defeated Crooked Hillary Clinton in 2016. They are called SUPPRESSION POLLS, and are put out to dampen enthusiasm. Despite 3 ½ years of phony Witch Hunts, we are winning, and will close it out on November 3rd,” he tweeted on Monday.

Joe Biden is a hugely flawed candidate: Addled, tainted with China and Ukrainian corruption, in the pocket of the DC establishment, and selling out to the left to buy peace.

There is a lifetime, politically speaking, between today and Election Day. Events are tumultuous now, but the Democratic Party has tied their fortunes to a candidate who has trouble putting complete sentences together, can’t seem to get through a public appearance without making a major blunder, seldom leaves his basement, has a record of prevarication and corruption, and has staked out a far left, big-government vision for America that most voters reject. There is much to play out in the months ahead.

The biased big media corporations will do everything in their power between now and Election Day to change the dynamics of the presidential sweepstakes. Skewing poll sampling is a surefire way to produce numbers that make Biden look like a winner. Consistently biased polling favoring Biden and Democrats is a rather transparent attempt to demoralize Trump voters and boost a weak Biden candidacy.

As the president made plain, fake polls failed to win the day for Hillary in 2016. Fake polls won’t work again this year… if we take the time to look at the details of the polls and educate family, friends, and all supporters of the President about the polling scams being run by organizations like CNN. Please click “download” below to see the PDF of the CNN survey for yourself:

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