Days of Great Crises Lay Ahead

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J Robert Smith

  • Dec. 22, 2020
  • 3 min read

I’m not pretending to be an Old Testament prophet, no Jerimiah. I don’t have to be. Anyone willing to look reality hard in the eye can see: The nation is moving inexorably toward crises. Dark days are just over the horizon. The American people will be tested in ways at no time since the Civil War. Our liberties, the rule of law, our nation under God, hangs in the balance. Will we be free or will tyranny prevail?

Speaking the truth doesn’t make us drama queens (or kings) or Chicken Littles. Let’s remind ourselves of key facts that compel this gloomy assessment:

Historic elections fraud… Elections chicanery there always was, but not on the scale we’ve just witnessed, nor involving so many elite elements in and out of government and politics. Massive fraud isn’t a supposition. It’s fact, which the establishment – both Democrat and Republican, along with the mainstream media – studiously ignore. State courts, dominated by partisan Democrats, and federal courts, which have plenty of GOP appointees, stand off as egregious ballot fraud destroys trust in our elections system. We’re confronting a formidable array of powerful interests that see the Constitution as an obstacle to the hierarchical – in fact, despotic – government they aim to impose.

An enfeebling, corrupt, and compromised “president-elect.” Joe Biden is a man of low character, but that’s not a revelation. Biden’s early career is a trail of lying, cheating, and plagiarism – all a matter of record. Tony Bobulinski confirmed in a memorable interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson prior to the elections that “Biden Crime Family” wasn’t some ridiculous, baseless insult. Biden influenced peddled and strong-armed his way to a family fortune, evidently. As Bobulinski’s documentation made clear, the “Big Guy” was to get his 10% cut on all the grift. Wastrel Hunter was Joe’s dutiful bagman. And Joe is to be President of the United States?

Growing suppression and censorship of news and opinion that challenges the elites’ narratives. This has been happening in mainstream media for a long while, though now it’s escalating. The MSM are actually propagandists for Democrats and elites who want to control our country and deep-six our freedoms. In the runup to the elections, the social media giants made what appears to be a coordinated effort to suppress pro-Trump users, and censored users’ content without blinking. All of this amounts to the greatest assault on free speech in the nation’s history.

Finally, the “COVID relief” measure just passed by a bipartisan majority in Congress. It’s a cynical, Democrat-driven, pork-laden payoff to Democrat constituencies and interests. The measure throws peanuts to hard-pressed Americans who are suffering from Democrat state lockdowns. Worse, it’s a $2.3 trillion monstrosity. The conceit of the times is that debt doesn’t matter. We can go on spending like it’s 1999. This vanity is on par with those who proclaimed the Titanic was unsinkable. The federal government alone is indebted to the mind-blowing tune of $27 trillion – and growing daily. That doesn’t count states’ debts and pension liabilities or Americans’ personal indebtedness. We’re atop a House of Cards that can collapse with another sharp economic downturn or if our creditors (The communist Chinese, principally) want to use our debts to destroy us.

These are some major elements of the coming crackup. Prepare yourselves. The days, weeks, months, and years ahead will be full of shocking events and calamities once thought impossible in this country. But that’s our sorry state. Decades of cultural decadence, political corruption, greed, and worship of false gods (power, leftist utopianism, and so forth), are laying us low. If you’re of faith, pray to God for this nation’s redemption. If you’re not of faith, acquire it. In the coming trials, you’ll need God.

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