Dems Put Power over Kids

By Rob Meyne

  • April 28, 2022
  • 3-min read

Politicians love to claim their actions are focused on helping “the children.” If you haven’t heard that claim, you must not be listening. Until the past couple of decades, protecting children from harm was considered a non-debatable objective around which we could all rally. Today? Not so simple.

Places like Alabama, Florida, and Texas lay bare a fundamental difference between modern leftists and conservatives. Both parties claim to care about children. Only one is willing to oppose abortion of full-term babies or set a minimum age for instruction on explicit sexual subjects. Guess which is which?

The parental rights bill in Florida has been criticized for being anti-gay, hateful, and putting at risk the lives of children. None of those criticisms is factual. All the law does is prevent instruction about sexual orientation in third grade or below or in a way that isn’t age appropriate. Got it? Doesn’t sound controversial, does it? Well, it shouldn’t be. But the Dems have become such a wholly owned subsidiary of the far left that there is almost nothing too extreme for them.

If you oppose the new Florida law, it means you support teaching about sexual orientation and related issues to our youngest children. Nothing in the bill prevents a male teacher from telling them he has a husband, or a sister who identifies as a male. Nothing prevents anyone from using the word “gay.” As is often the case, the left has to lie about the actions of conservatives in order to try to defend the indefensible. Democratic leaders can’t even agree there should be a minimum age for instruction about sex.

But who guess who does oppose the law, therefore allowing explicit sexual instruction that is not age appropriate? People like Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi, to name three. If you support a reasonable minimum age for gender instruction, in today’s world, you’re considered a bigot. Or, maybe, you’re just a good parent.

As this commentary argues, the left has overplayed their hands. Somewhere there is a middle ground on most social issues, and increasingly no one wants to be there: America’s parents just want our culture back

This past week, information came out about legislation under consideration in several states that would potentially allow parents and doctors to deny life-saving care to babies, who have already been born, for as much as four weeks. Efforts were made to amend those bills to specify that these provisions do not permit such acts of infanticide. Those measures were rejected by Democratic sponsors in these states.

These bills would allow parents who had decided, too late, they didn’t want a child after all, to let them simply die. People who want legislation to prohibit this kind of abuse are the ones who truly value children, and all life. For example, this state allows post-birth “abortions”: Colorado Law Allows Post-Birth Abortion (Infanticide) – Up to 28 Days After Birth

The next time you hear a Democratic leader feign concern for our young, don’t buy it. National Dem leaders have only one objective: they are wholly committed to building their own power by promoting the most extreme possible leftist agenda. Power drives them. Nothing else comes close.

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  1. I just came to the conclusion the other day that every thing they do has to do with votes now and in the future. They are after the kids to transform their minds into the liberal ideologies that arent compatible with our. Bypassing parent child learning. Eliminating the parents role in their education.
    Border same thing. Voter Fraud in progress if they can end the voter ID laws. They use everything controversial as a tool of division. They demonize all opponents. Racist is their mist effective tool to neutralize and destroy their opposition.

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