Democratic Strategy: Lie About the meaning of “Court Packing”

Rob Meyne

  • Oct. 12, 2020
  • 3 min read

An old saw holds that all politicians are scum, whore-chasing liars. I think you could put the word “people” in the place of “politicians” and still be pretty accurate.

I marvel at those who act offended – shocked – that an elected official might lie. The preening, condescending, morally self-assured anti-Trumpers remind one of Captain Renault in Casablanca. He says he is “shocked” to find there is gambling going on at Rick’s. He is then presented his winnings.

I credit the Dem leadership with being more disciplined & effective than the GOP leaders. And it isn’t close. They’re all about power. They are disciplined.

They lie with the natural ease of the spawn of some unholy

coupling of, oh, Pol Pot and Hillary. They just look you in the eye say black is white and couldn’t care less that yesterday they said white is mauve. Stunning discipline.

One may remember when Sen. Bob Kerrey, an Dem and Clinton fan, paid Bill a compliment of sorts by saying the President’s success if largely because he is an “…Exceptionally good liar.” Thanks for that!

Today’s rant leads us here: Joe and Kamala simply refuse to say whether they’ll pack the court. Court-packing goes back to FDR, who suggested increasing the number of seats on the Supreme Court to 15 so he could appoint a bunch of political allies and forge ahead without fear of being stopped by the judicial branch. Fortunately, the push back, even with the Dem Party, was so strong he had to abandon the idea.

The number of seats on SCOTUS was set at 9 in 1869. But it is set by legislation, not the Constitution. Congress can change it just by passing a bill and getting President Harris to sign it. 🙂

They can also make DC and PR states, eliminate the filibuster, and give illegals the vote. All just by passing bills. Their leaders have simply said they will do so. No problem that it puts our republic at risk and threatens separation of powers.

Court-packing means adding seats so you can fill them with your supporters. Period. That is all it has ever meant. Today, the Democratic Party liars/leaders are saying Trump has been court-packing all along. WTF? No, he hasn’t. He has been filling open seats, as he is directed to by the Constitution. But the orders have come down to Democratic leadership to start misleading people by asserting that appointing judges to open seats is the same thing as packing. It isn’t true and never has been. Again, you’ve got to be impressed with their quest for power and ability to say whatever they want when it serves their purposes.

Durbin, Biden, Schumer, et al, say what Trump is doing is unconstitutional. That is also a bold. That particular lie is intended to keep people misinformed and confused long enough to get to election day. Trump is required to appoint people to open seats on the Court. It has been done EVERY TIME there has been an opening during an election year. 29 times. Trump is not only not prohibited from doing this, he is required to.

Historically, when the Senate and Presidency are held by the same party, the nomination is nearly always approved. When they are held by different parties, the nomination usually is not approved.

I’d love to see better candidates on both sides next time. And the time after that. If you’ve got one in mind, I encourage you to get involved and start working to make it happen.

For now, it is a two-person choice.

Folks, like him or hate him, President Trump looks like George Washington compared to these guys. Do your country a favor and vote for the person whose policies will do the most to keep America strong, prosperous, and free. His name is Trump.

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