Twitter and Facebook Are Now the Biden Campaign

Rob Meyne

  • Oct. 15, 2020
  • 4 min read

As we have observed, the polls continue to suggest Biden is headed for a big with. Some of the battleground states are close and getting closer. Yet overall Biden still looks strong. The Democratic campaign/mainstream media continues to run interference for Biden by ignoring stories that may help Trump and rarely holding Biden accountable for anything. They ask Biden tough questions at two times: seldom and never.

Emails from Hunter Biden were released this week. They prove that Hunter sold access to his Dad to get huge payments from the Ukrainian company, Burisma, who has testified that they considered the payments to be a Biden bribe. Burisma was under investigation at the time Joe threatened Ukraine with withholding a billion dollars in U. S. aid unless they fired the prosecutor. Which they did. Biden bragged about doing this on camera. Not smart. Joe has said previously that he has never discussed his son’s business with him and that he never met with Burisma officials. Those claims have never been credible. And we now have proof they were lies.

The campaign yesterday, pathetically and ineffectually, issued a semi-kind of-not really denial. They said no such meeting appeared on the official logs of Biden meetings. Well, duh. Most politicians are smart enough not to put on their public calendar something like: “2 PM, meet with corrupt Burisma officials to confirm details of their efforts to bribe me.”

The campaign did, however, admit there may been an “informal” meeting between Biden and Burisma. Informal? What, blue jeans and polo shirts were acceptable? The campaign is acknowledging that Biden did what he has adamantly denied. He met with the company who bribed him. Yet Big Tech, primarily Facebook and Twitter, are doing their best to protect Biden and keep the information from the American people. As an aside, Facebook and Twitter should face massive regulation, lawsuits, and perhaps even criminal prosecution for their blatant and corrupt activity. A moderately competent attorney could piece together a decent case that the intentional manipulation of their platforms, to benefit the Biden campaign, constitutes an illegal corporate contribution. How it would play out in court is debatable. The basic dishonesty of their conduct is not.

A text from the computer – which has been in the hands of the FBI for nine months without them doing anything with it – also makes it clear that all of the family members who made money from relationships Biden set up for them were required to give half that income to Joe. Note the Biden campaign has not even denied the emails are genuine. If all of that is true, it looks like Biden has corruptly used his office to enrich himself.

Biden evades honesty and accountability on nearly everything that matters. He has not been asked about the $3.5 million dollars a Putin ally gave his son, Hunter. Nor has he been asked about the $1.5 billion the Communist Party of China gave Hunter to manage. Biden won’t say whether he supports packing the court, which threatens U. S. separation of powers. He has called for an end to all fossil fuels, including fracking, and then has since just blatantly lied about it.

Biden has said he will repeal the Trump tax cuts, which went primarily to middle income Americans, but also that he will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year. Both of those statements cannot be true. But the media never hold Biden’s feet to the fire. They never ask him tough questions.

In a fair world, with responsible journalism, Trump would be leading by ten points in the polls. And the media occasionally surprises. Wolf Blitzer challenged Nancy Pampers Pelosi this week as to why she did not agree to some sort of a compromise with Trump to get additional relief to U. S. citizens. There is an offer on the table from Trump that provides about $1.8 trillion in assistance to Americans. Pelosi will not act on it because she cares more about keeping Trump from looking good than she does about helping the people.

Then there is enthusiasm. There does not seem to be much real enthusiasm for Biden. How many people have you heard say how much they like Biden? Any? We’ll wait.

Yet Trump supporters are enthused and visible. When Trump holds a rally, they turn away thousands. Biden doesn’t even try to hold rallies. He can’t draw flies. Sanders had an event for Biden last week that drew less than a hundred people to a several acre field.

Surveys suggest Trump supporters are more committed to going to the polls. By any reasonable measure, the energy and enthusiasm are on Trump’s side.

Many measures of job approval show remarkably strong support for Trump among blacks and Hispanics. The far left is, of course, apoplectic that minorities may have the temerity to make up their own minds. Biden earlier this year famously said “You ain’t black” if you aren’t for him. If that statement isn’t racist, nothing is.

Biden summarizes the Left/Socialist view of black Americans quite nicely. They want your vote but don’t believe you can have a mind of your own. They will cheerfully destroy you if you try to express an opinion contrary to what your masters have told you to.

If Trump’s support among blacks reaches even fifteen per cent, much less higher, it would guarantee the President’s reelection. Hispanic support for Trump is very high, in some polls, suggesting their support is nearly split between the two candidates.

If there is much truth to the positive numbers given to Trump among these cohorts, it will mean Trump is likely to be reelected. But… if his support is high among those two groups, it doesn’t seem to be reflected in the poll numbers. Why?

If the polls are right, Biden may be headed to a historical win. That would be horrible news for the country, and certainly for any constitutional conservative. If the Dems sweep the House, Senate, and White House, it will give the Democratic leadership free reign to rewrite the rules in ways that may effectively prevent another conservative ever being elected to the presidency. The stakes are that high.

More to come.

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