If the Elections are Stolen, the Biden Nightmare Begins

This article originally appeared at American Thinker.

J Robert Smith

  • Dec. 11, 2020
  • 5 min read

Immersed as we are in President Trump’s efforts to wrestle victory from a sinister collection of fraudsters, we’re understandably sparing little time to consider what happens if addled Joe Biden’s handlers get away with stealing the elections. These gleeful rogues – Democrat hacks, malignant leftists, BLM grifters, Antifa spoiled brats, DC lifers, traitorous RINOs, Big Tech plutocrats, MSM propagandists – all suffering a variety of conceits, are convinced they’re pulling off the biggest heist in their wretched existences. Maybe a new Leni Riefenstahl will be found in Biden’s press pool to immortalize the feat?

But for Biden’s pirates, the worst elections fraud in American history may prove pyrrhic, but in the process of the thieves being waylaid, it could be ruinous to the republic. Elections fraud alone could certainly poison America’s well, perhaps, forever.

Nemesis always chases hubris, but that’s the worry: Not that frail, corrupt Joe Biden and his legions dash themselves on the rocks thanks to bloated egos, greed, cynicism, and gross miscalculation, but in doing so take us with them.

Should Biden’s handlers take hold of the levers of power in the executive branch, all bets are off. These assorted swamp creatures know they’ll have 48 months to cement their grip on the federal government and begin the Great Reset. They’ll rule by executive order, if necessary, and dare the federal courts and the GOP Senate – if Republicans hold the Senate – to stop them. If Democrats brazenly steal the presidency, why wouldn’t that embolden them to try to steal the rest?

A Biden/Harris presidency could be the most conflict-ridden and destructive four years in the nation’s history, save for the Civil War. This time, though, we wouldn’t have our Lincoln in the White House, Donald J. Trump. Instead, it would be as if a slave states sympathizing Democrat won in 1860 (lucky for the republic that Dominion and Smartmatic voting systems weren’t around then).

Or imagine something other than open conflict. Let’s imagine the wretchedness of a Biden/Harris presidency as a dystopia. Let’s create our own version of It’s a Wonderful Life. You know, commencing from the plot twist when George Bailey wants to end his life and Clarence the Angel grants his wish. Bedford Falls becomes Pottersville, a bleak, joyless town full of recognizable faces, but whose expressions are filled with tensions, resentments, and fear. By default, Biden gets to play the wheelchair-bound Mr. Potter. But Kamala Harris really wants the role.

First up in this grim tale, later this December, doddering Joe Biden is certified by enough states to steal 270 electoral votes, at least. Democrats and the MSM sigh in collective relief. Republican governors Brian Kemp (GA) and Doug Ducey (AZ) receive coveted guest slots on Morning Joe for valiantly certifying elections theft.

The media resurrect “Joe the national healer” claptrap that they shelved when they received pushback shortly after the November 3 debacle. They revisit the unity theme, pounding it home, but with more of an edge this time. It’s along the lines of “Unite – or else.”

On January 20, at high noon, irascible, corruption-stained, bemasked Joe Biden hobbles to the podium to be sworn in by the duplicitous chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, John Roberts. Vegas oddsmakers run lines on whether or not Biden’s term lasts longer than that of the luckless William Henry Harrison.

Old Joe’s ankle hasn’t quite healed. But forget speculation about Biden’s health. The talking heads covering the sham inauguration laud Biden for his hairline looking so natural. Joe’s deteriorating health, like his sleazy ethics, are off-limits. Fox News drops the slogan “fair and balanced,” going, instead, with “hide and seek.” Unity means gaslighting Biden.

Rumors swirl. Is Joe taking the oath of office on a bible or Mao’s Little Red Book? The swearing in is all headshots so no one can say. But Hunter and Joe owe Xi Jinping big time. Xi appreciates little gestures of obeisance. One of Xi’s cronies made Hunter a multimillionaire. Per Tony Bobulinski (now a nonperson at Fox News), the “Big Guy” gets a 10% cut. Though usually forgetful, Joe keenly recalls that Xi keeps records.

After smarmy Joe’s swearing in, he signs an executive order ending the “trade war” with China. He throws in the South China Sea as a good will gesture to his pal, Xi. Détente is back in vogue. Ron Klain, Biden’s DC fixer/lobbyist chief-of-staff, explains to the lapdog media that cheap handhelds and laptops greatly benefit all Americans. As for U.S. workers, manufacturing is so yesterday. Better to grab those hourly wage jobs packing boxes at Amazon fulfillment centers.

In subsequent days, things trend downhill in the United States of Bidenville. The gratingly annoying Kamala Harris (Secret Service handle, Cruella de Vil) is given multiple hats to wear. The National Truth and Reconciliation Commissions are co-chaired by Kamala and her Mini Me, the very vindictive Robert Reich. An untold number of Trump supporters and liberty lovers will be hauled before commissions to repent – or be cancelled.

But Kamala runs the administration’s marquee initiative herself. The “Eradication of White Racism and Privilege Now” aims not just at reeducating whites – and recalcitrant blacks, like Candace Owens and Larry Elder – but making them take a knee and take a seat in the back of whatever bus that comes along.

Reparations are on the table for blacks six generations removed from the slavery that Democrats championed and Jim Crow, which they imposed. A mumbling Joe, hands trembling, signs an executive order restoring Critical Race Theory indoctrination throughout the national government. Joe, quipping about Corn Pop, ties federal funds for education to Critical Race Theory mandates in curriculums, as well as making the psychotropic-induced 1619 Project standard in American history instruction.

To rev up the stalled economy, Kamala de Vil, appearing beside a slack-jawed Biden, announces a buffet of new taxes and a mountain of regulations. With beaming barmaid Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joining, Kamala proclaims the Green New Deal a go, though it will be phased in over 90 days to help minimize disruptions. Then, in another boost to the economy, Kamala, joined by public health savant, Anthony Fauci, declares a national shutdown and mask mandate, though COVID has greatly abated. A multitrillion dollar recovery program will commence as soon as Fauci gives the all-clear, which may be years off.

As part of cranky old Joe’s “Hands Across the Southern Border” program, volunteer Venezuelan and Cuban engineers, along with battalions of illegals, “deconstruct” the Wall, mile by mile. The word “illegal,” used in any context, is outlawed as a hate crime.

Six months to the day that Joe was sworn in, a bright-eyed Nancy Pelosi announces that the 25th Amendment has been invoked. Creaky Joe Biden is deposed, but as he’s wheeled out of the White House, Jill whispers to him that they’re just going out for ice cream. A triumphant Kamala, with a gunslinger’s glint in her eye, takes possession of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Celebratory riots erupt. The United States of Bidenville becomes the United States of Kamalaville. Bad goes to worse, but…

Here our tale ends for now. If Clarence the Angel is watching, intercede. Or Clarence Thomas and four other justices. We never wanted to stop living in the United States of America in the first place. Voters never wanted anyone else in the White House for the next four years but Donald J. Trump.

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