Kamikaze Mitch

J Robert Smith

  • Jan. 23, 2021
  • 3 min read

Article 1, Section 3, the United States Constitution

Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States[italics added]

Like Joe Biden, is Mitch starting to lose it? The Constitution is plain about impeachment. It’s about removal from office of federal elected or appointed officials for limited categories of offenses. You don’t have to be a constitutional scholar, like Jonathan Turley or Alan Dershowitz, to get it. The Senate can’t remove a former president from the office he doesn’t occupy. But Democrats fear Trump in opposition, so they want to dirty him up. A simple-stupid fact isn’t stopping them. Vindictiveness and a Soviet-style destruction of “enemies of the state” is the rule of the day.

McConnell is enabling this anti-law, anti-civil, anti-decency power play. How is the Republic bettered by going along with Democrat jackals determined to abuse and demean the Constitution by running former President Trump through a show trial on the Senate floor?

Kentucky’s senior senator’s machinations do great harm to the removal provision, angers and alienates MAGA voters and the conservative grassroots, and will damage the GOP’s chances of gaining enough seats in the House and Senate to take back Congress and stop the madness that leftist Democrats are hellbent on imposing on the country. Sharpening the guillotine blade for Democrat Jacobins is the work of a quisling, not a defender of rights and liberty.

If McConnell thinks that throwing red meat to Chuck Schumer and his caucus of wolves will quiet them and get them to play nice, don’t count on it. Congressional Democrats intend to ram through a radical agenda that “transforms” the economy, our culture, and cements their hold on the presidency and Congress for years to come. They’re glad to smile as they shaft McConnell and patriots from coast-to-coast.

McConnell seems to want to reestablish the party of Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Bob Dole. If that happens, MAGA will hightail it from the GOP and grassroots conservatives will bleed off. Good luck trying to win elections with the scraps.

Mitch has spent his career putting a wet finger in the wind. Power has blown the Democrats way, in no small measure due to voting “irregularities” in the presidential contests in battleground states. Mitch goes where the wind blows, but that isn’t leadership, not in this critical time. That’s cynical old politics that does nothing to protect and advance the rights and interests of tens upon tens of millions of decent, hardworking, patriotic Americans.

McConnell was just reelected to his umpteenth term as a senator from Kentucky. He’s 78 years old, and it’s fair to say he’s in his last term. If he doesn’t give a damn what his reckless embrace of impeaching an ex-president (named Trump, no less) does to his party’s prospects in 2022, other GOP senators should.

Like spiteful Liz Chaney, McConnell doesn’t deserve the leadership position he holds. He’s a dinosaur, a guy playing as if it’s those forgettable days of Jerry Ford and George H.W. Bush, where clubby Republicans went along to get along – and lost a lot. The GOP must change to meet today’s threats to the rule of law and freedom. Or the party will – finally – go the way of the Whigs, replaced by a Patriots Party that isn’t afraid of the fight and hasn’t sold out.

Sayonara, Mitch.

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