Defeating the Gathering Tyranny

J Robert Smith

  • Jan. 21, 2021
  • 5 min read

A spectre is haunting America – the spectre of tyranny.

So, sue me, Karl. But why would Marx have objected to his most famous line being expropriated? Taking from the literary rich and distributing that wealth to a poor scribbler is a virtue, no? Karl may have been offput by the tweak – substituting tyranny for communism – or not. If you read the Communist Manifesto, Marx wasn’t shy about calling for social destruction across the globe, and then dictatorship among the ruins. Then utopia – yeah, right. The guy was outright demonic.

On these shores, tyranny’s march is underway. Actually, it’s been gathering for years. We’ve witnessed six decades of cultural subversion and rot, relentless attacks on our traditions, faith, and truth itself, which isn’t some relativist construct. This decade will be the most consequential in the nation’s storied history. In this time, the fate of liberty and the rule of law will be decided. We’ve come to zero-sum hour. No patriot can afford to treat the coming conflicts as spectator sports. The 2020s must be an all-in affair.

In the last few days, here and there, I’ve heard that Dunkirk is coming. The cabal that addled old Joe fronts is revving up the Panzers and finishing maintenance checks on the Messerschmitts. Starting on January 20, 74 million Trump voters (with their families, which, lest we forget, in sum comprise half or better of the nation) will be driven onto the beaches.

If that analogy is apt, then where comes the relief? Those English blokes had fleets of ships and boats to rescue them, ferrying them across the Channel to the island fortress of England. There, they regrouped, planned, and reequipped. Churchill vowed to fight a defensive war until, as hoped for, the Americans arrived.

It’s doubtful that caravans of trucks and cars will pour forth from conservative Alberta, taking us up to that province’s sweeping plains, where we can get our act together and prepare to fight another day. And we are America, so there’s no other America to save us. We must save ourselves – and the nation as founded.

No historical analogy is precise, of course. It may be best to see what’s now occurring as an amalgam of past conflicts. There are elements of the intensifying struggle that resemble the dark opening days of World War II, the American Revolution, and the Civil War. Do recall that the sides that were ill-prepared initially in those wars, and suffered a series of setbacks early and ongoing, were the sides that eventually triumphed.

Our side tends to be overawed by the dark forces arrayed against us. Big Tech, which is running point on suppressing free speech, is regarded as Leviathan. Powerful Big Tech is, but it’s far from invincible. It must be reckoned with. It’s imperative that we find ways to defeat it.

Not to suggest that underestimating our enemies is in any way better. Assessments need to be as close to reality as possible. Grant and Lee, in large part, were superior generals for so doing. It’s critical to how fights are waged, which determine a side’s chances for victory.

The Democrat-led axis has its vulnerabilities. It certainly isn’t monolithic, and, hence, my use of the term “axis.” Generally defined, it’s a coalition or an alignment of interests. The principal factions are the corrupt Democrat establishment, leftist groups, Big Tech, big corporate players, radicalized academia, the propagandist MSM, and propagandist arts and entertainment.

The size and reach of the Axis may intimidate, but what exactly unifies this coalition? Yes, money and power (always follow both). But assuming the Axis can achieve what it desires – clear political dominance, and hence, monopolies on money and power – what, then, is the overarching worldview that keeps it together?

Marxism? Rifle through your copy of the Communist Manifesto. What role in Marx’s purified world do you see for crony capitalists and wannabe oligarchs? The Axis’ true-blue Marxist factions may regard Big Tech and big corporations as useful now, but not at some point. A classless society, public ownership of the means of production, and the requisite mass wealth transfers from the haves to the have-nots, make plutocrat Jack Dorsey and his Big Tech chums, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and the CEOs at the nation’s banks and money management outfits, enemies, not friends.

Neo-Marxism? You mean, the culture-heavy versus economics-heavy version of Marxism? You mean, that Marxist construct, which sees privileged white males (privileged whites, broadly) as the oppressors of “people of color,” females, gays, and the “gender fluid?”

Anyone bother to checkout who runs Big Tech, big businesses, the MSM, and Democrat establishment? Don’t look now, but the aforementioned are top-heavy with privileged white males. They can only placate deadly serious neo-Marxists for so long with catchy “woke” campaigns, “diversity” training, and payoffs. At some point, those neo-Marxist true believers are going to go after those very privileged white oppressors.

Why? What have we learned after a century’s worth of communist tyranny? When useful idiots stop being useful, they’re disposed of. When fellow conspirators cease to be useful, and are perceived as rivals, they’re disposed of. Lenin, Stalin, and Mao (a favorite among American leftists) rid themselves of useful idiots like soiled tissues. They offed rivals in ways that John Gotti would’ve envied. Hitler and fascists were no better (fascism is socialism’s apostate brother).

Of course, you wouldn’t expect hip, if jaded, Big Tech plutocrats, corporate crony capitalists, and corrupt Democrats establishment hustlers to just march off to “reeducation” camps? They must see their leftist allies as potential threats? Conceit may lead them to believe they can bottle up and pacify the leftist menace indefinitely, but here they err. Power-lust – in fact, bloodlust – is intrinsic to leftist movements since their beginnings.

For Bezos, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and Democrat hacks, among others, to build an oligarchy, at some point, they’ll need to use muscle against the left, government and otherwise.

If they get that far. It’s our job to see that they don’t. We’re charged with finding ways of hastening and intensifying the contradictions and tensions that exit in the Axis. We need to create and promote narratives, for one. This is an information war, in many critical ways. We have to channel Machiavelli. We want Axis factions to be scorpions in a bottle. Their amped up internal conflicts are our allies.

That’s just one salient among many we’ll need to undertake to defeat the Axis. Another immediate strike is continuing the mass migration of patriots from Big Tech platforms. Twitter and Facebook lost $51 billion in value after banning President Trump. This dollar drain needs to continue. Another is developing a “parallel economy,” which gives patriots alternatives to big finance and big corporations. Our resources and money united build our strengths and independence, while diminishing the Axis. We need to develop a nationwide network of recognized patriot friendly enterprises. And so much more.

Whether it’s oligarchy, communism, fascism, or whatever modern variant, they’re all enemies of liberty, the Rights of Man, the rule of law, and America, which is a nation expressly founded under God, and must be firmly reestablished on such. This burgeoning tyranny can and must be defeated. Let’s be shrewd in doing it.

J. Robert Smith can be found on Parler @JRobertSmith, when Parler returns, and is new to Gab, again @JRobertSmith.

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