NEW SFEED WEDNESDAY: Democrats to Fight Longer Hold of Illegal Families

J Robert Smith

  • Aug. 21, 2019
  • 2 min read

The new rule would eliminate a 20-day cap for detaining migrant children and create a new licensing regime that would make it easier for federal officials to expand family detention nationwide. [snip]

Exercising greater control over family detention would mark a major coup for the White House, which has said the Flores agreement is among the most significant “loopholes” spurring mass migration at the border. Smugglers have sold families discounted trips to the border and instructed them to seek asylum because the Flores agreement meant they were likely to be released. Such families are rarely deported, officials said.

— Washington Post, August 21, 2019


President Trump is battling again to get lasting control of the nation’s porous borders. Democrats and advocates for migrants (aka, illegals) are gearing up to fight the president’s rule change in court. Doing so, Democrats are playing into the president’s hands in advance of the 2020 elections. As it is, 2020 will offer voters a sharp contrast: Open border Democrats versus border control Republicans.

Common sense dictates that a nation controls its borders. Otherwise, a country as prosperous as, oh, say, the U.S. will be flooded with poor illegals. The Pew Research Center estimates that there are 10.5 million unauthorized immigrants (aka, illegals) in the country. That’s a quarter of the U.S. foreign born population.

To put the illegals population in perspective, 43 states have fewer than 10.5 million legal residents.

The president has had success in stemming the flow of illegals into the U.S. this year. Per the Washington Post report:

Border apprehensions have slumped more than 40 percent since May, a major drop officials have attributed to increased enforcement in Mexico, but officials worry about a resurgence in the fall.

Despite the propaganda, illegals impose higher costs and hardships on communities. Emergency rooms are flooded, schools are overcrowded, crime rises, and diseases increase.

Is the president right to fight for this rule change? Will he win? Will Democrats pay a price for opposing President Trump in 2020? Weigh in!

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