NEWSFEED MONDAY: Jordan, Stefanik – Rising Stars in the Impeachment Fight

J Robert Smith

  • Nov. 18, 2019
  • 2 min read

“A new Republican Star is born,” Trump wrote on Twitter, sharing a video of her appearance at Friday’s impeachment hearing. “Great going Elise Stefanik!”

Breitbart, September 16, 2019


Leaders arise in trying times – often times of conflict. Ever heard of Grant and Sherman? Until the Civil War, both soldiers were obscure figures. But winning battles against tough foes changed all that. Both became household names long before the war ended. Both are enduring, revered historic figures.

Such is the case in the war Democrats are waging against President Trump. And, by extension, 63-million voters who backed the president in 2016. Republicans who are fighting for the president and against the injustices being committed by the Democrats are positioning for leadership within the GOP.

Jim Jordan (R-OH) is better known than Elise Stefanik, but Stefanik’s performance in opposition to Schiff’s impeachment scam is showing her to be a tough, tenacious, gutsy fighter.

Stefanik is a 35-year-old New York Republican. She was elected to Congress in 2015. She represents an upstate New York district, which borders Ontario, Canada. She’s a Harvard graduate.

Want to know why Stefanik is succeeding? This from the Breitbart report:

Stefanik frequently criticized Schiff during the hearings, reminding him of his promise to hear testimony from the so-called “whistleblower.”

Her role earned her derision from the left, including from Washington Republican lawyer George Conway, who called her “lying trash” and shared a photoshopped image of the congresswoman flipping off cameras during the hearing.

“The one thing I’ve NEVER been called in my life is TRASH,” Stefanik replied to Conway. “You need serious help. My opponent Taxin’ Tedra can have your sick mysogynist support.”

Stefanik’s future is bright. Could she one day be Speaker of the House? How about vice president? Or… down the road, a presidential contender? Keep a sharp eye on this talented and tough young lady.

Jim Jordan has been battling the Democrats for a while and is well known to conservatives. But it was a masterstroke by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to green-light Jordan taking a seat on the House Intelligence Committee, where Chairman Adam Schiff is running the Democrats’ inquisition.

In the spotlight on the Intelligence Committee, the 55-year-old Jordan has led the charge in challenging the outrageous claims by Democrats that there are grounds to impeach the president. He’s further cementing his reputation as a conservative leader. He, too, may be a future speaker, Ohio U.S. senator, or how about this: Mike Pence’s running mate in the 2024 presidential sweepstakes?

And a final kudos to Kevin McCarthy, the House GOP leader, who’s led his caucus in debunking Democrats’ fraudulent assertions about the president. McCarthy has been a breath of fresh air after the milquetoast leadership of DC lifer, Paul Ryan.

Early in the Civil War, Lincoln was on the hunt for generals who didn’t strut, but fought – hard and relentlessly. Jordan and Stefanik are two such generals in the ongoing war for the nation’s future.

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