NEWSFEED WEEKEND: Why is Trump Accuser, Yovanovitch, above Scrutiny & Criticism?

J Robert Smith

  • Nov. 16, 2019
  • 3 min read

Trump took to Twitter on Friday morning to claim that “everywhere” U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch went “turned bad” and suggested she was to blame for the situation in Somalia, where she did her first tour. Yovanovitch was asked to react to the tweets during the hearing on Friday which was being carried live on air, and described them as “intimidating.”

The president’s tweet ran counter to a desire by Republicans to avoid attacking the character of career public servants like Yovanovitch, who boasts decades of service in the diplomatic corps in both Republican and Democratic administrations.

The Hill, November 16, 2019

Quick Take

Let’s see if we’ve got this straight. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch can provide testimony in Adam Schiff’s show trial impeachment hearings. She can say just about anything she wants, as long as it damages Donald Trump.

On Friday, we learned that the ambassador’s feelings were hurt by the president, which we’re led to believe is an impeachable offense. Otherwise, Yovanovitch has zero knowledge of any attempt by Trump to bribe Ukraine president Zelensky. Because, well, no attempt was ever made. Those Trump-Zelensky conversation transcripts are pesky things.

But how dare President Trump give any pushback to Yovanovitch. How dare the president question the ambassador’s motives? How dare he point to her poor performances in her roles as cause for removing her from her post?

Why, Trump is trying to lead us to believe that it’s a president’s prerogative to determine who carries out his foreign policies – the policies of the United States. A constitutionally mandated prerogative, vested in the nation’s chief executive. But details, details.

We learn from The Hill that Republicans are in a tizzy that the president is cheeky enough to confront and discredit a bureaucrat – a DC lifer, regardless of overseas postings. Of course, the Republicans are unnamed. But given that establishment Republicans are sellouts, and in their ways, as much of the problem in DC as are Democrats, we’ll conclude that The Hill report is credible.

What The Hill report reveals is the moral inversion and skewed worldview of DC elites. Quite clearly, they believe that a president serves at the pleasure of permanent bureaucrats – not the other way around. The bureaucrats have license to impugn the president’s integrity and contribute to a raft of false accusations and a proceeding aimed solely at destroying him. But, by God, how dare the president – the nation’s duly elected leader, the people’s representative – defend himself and his office from baseless, scurrilous charges.

The very real and dangerous problem we’re confronting is that we have a class of Americans and factions who are fundamentally anti-democratic and disregard the rule of law – when both serve as obstacles to their interests and goals. These elites and factions comprise an existential threat to the very principles that the nation was founded on.

The Democrats’ impeachment dagger is turning out to be blunt and rubbery. Americans have turned off – if they ever turned on – Schiff’s sham. Those watching are seeing the Ukraine scandal fraud fall on its inglorious face.

With the DOJ’s Inspector General’s report and the Durham criminal investigation about to expose the Democrats’ for their massive conspiracy against the president, the American people will be “woke” in ways they never imagined. An historic – and jarring – pivot will follow.

Let’s hope that Americans emerge more resolved for honest government… more committed to the rule of law, possessing a greater respect and appreciation for founding principles, and a greater determination to be vigilant. Let’s never again see so extensive a threat from the nation’s elites to our rights and liberty.

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