NEWSFEED MONDAY: The Whistleblower Scam or Kavanaughing Trump

J Robert Smith

  • Oct. 7, 2019
  • 2 min read

Attorney Mark Zaid confirmed to CNN that he and other lawyers on his team are now representing the second person, who the lawyer said works in the intelligence community, has first-hand knowledge that supports claims made by the first whistleblower and has spoken to the intelligence community’s inspector general.

— CNN, October 6, 2019


A second whistleblower? From the intel community, no less, not unlike the first? Hmm… Do you see the pattern? It’s right from the Democrats’ Brett Kavanaugh playbook.

Dredge up the first accuser. In Kavanaugh’s case, the boldfaced-lying Christine Blasey Ford. If her hazy recollections – no corroboration necessary – fail to do the trick, “find” other women to make false accusations of sexual impropriety against a virtuous man, now Justice Kavanaugh. Keep doing so in an attempt to show a pattern of unethical or illegal behavior. Work to sell the narrative in the absence of real evidence and witnesses. In other words, lie, and lie again.

Fast-forward to President Trump. His crime? Winning an election that deluded Democrats, the swaggering left, and the propagandist MSM thought Hillary had in the can.

Here’s the “Let’s Smear and Destroy Kavanaugh” playbook applied to Trump.

After ginned-up charges of colluding with the Russians to fix the 2016 election fell flat, come at Trump with another bogus charge. Adjust tactics some.

The president, goes the spin, was trying to collude with the Ukrainian president to investigate slimy Joe Biden. Oh, small detail, but Joe Biden might be the most money-corrupt high officeholder in U.S. history. He badly needs to be thoroughly investigated. Anyone at DOJ and the FBI listening?

Never mind that the transcript of Trump’s conversation with President Zelensky – released in total – clears Trump of wrongdoing. In Soviet prosecutorial fashion, deep-six the facts and evidence. Bear down on the false narrative.

The first whistleblower is lodging his grievance with only second and third hand accounts? The transcript frankly contradicts the whistleblower’s claims? His credibility is shaky? Then… wait for it… “find” a second whistleblower. Oh, and a third, if necessary… and so on.

Got to hand it to the Democrats, the left, and their Deep State confederates, though they may not be clever, they are dogged.

The president – savvy street-fighter, he – gets the ruse. Trump is going back at his accusers, guns blazing, of course.

Here’s the takeaway: The Democrats and their scummy partners in crime aren’t going to just stop. The stakes are high for them. Their power lust knows no bounds. They need to be beaten, and beaten badly. Then packed off to the political hinterlands.

This is a long war. The last ones standing will be the victors. Let’s keep battling with the president to make sure we’re the winners. The nation’s future is the prize.

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