NEWSFEED THANKSGIVING: What Democrats are Unthankful For

J Robert Smith

  • Nov. 27, 2019
  • 4 min read

My family, like many others in the US, has a Thanksgiving Day tradition of going around the dinner table and having each of us reveal one thing we are thankful for. The responses usually include such things as family, health, talents and abilities, and freedom.

Ben Sharp, exploreGod, Undated


It must be special to spend Thanksgiving at a gathering of Democrats. Imagine the table talk. It’s not centered on what to be grateful for, but, rather, what’s wrong with just about everything in America. Worse, no football is allowed on the tube. It’s far too masculine a sport – and violence, other than what Antifa produces, is a no-no.

Worse still, there’s no turkey as the centerpiece of the meal. Vegans and PETA zealots in the crowd won’t allow a feather to be touched on that venerable – and tasty – bird. But your tofu turkey does come with plenty of soy gravy. Dig in.

Oh, forget saying grace before you tuck into your kale salad. God doesn’t exist, so let’s dispense with the charade of prayer. Or, maybe, everyone can bow their heads to thank the impersonal and very accidental forces that created the universe.

This Thanksgiving, while normal Americans are having traditional Turkey Days, let’s consider what Democrats are griping about. They’ll be venting spleens from Boston to DC to Manhattan to Malibu to Berkeley and on every college campus where “progressives” skulk and spew.

Without further ado, let’s start a list of Democrats’ “Unthankfulgiving” whines:

President Donald Trump. For Democrats, the president is the focus of evil in our otherwise meaningless world. They obsess on him 24/7. 63 million voters are cretins under the sway of Svengali Donald. The impromptu board game at Democrats’ Unthankfulgivings is how to impeach Trump. The goal is to oust Trump as part of a soft coup. Skillful use of the Deep State and MSM earn bonus points. The winner gets a slice of gluten-free cake.

Trump-Gabbard-Stein-Russia Collusion. Thanks to the madam of the Democratic Party bordello, Hillary Clinton, Democrats are still seized by the notion that Putin is conspiring to defeat them. Hillary’s thrown Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein into the conspiracy stew just because. Evidently, Putin and his oligarch buddies are ingrates. Hillary, while secretary of state, greased the sale of a nice chunk of the U.S.’s uranium production to a Russian concern. The deal was lucrative, but the national security implications for the U.S. weren’t so hot. Vlad and his cronies funneled millions into the Clinton Foundation for the favor. Now, Russians – like Ukrainians – are bad. When the money dries up, the love disappears.

“Climate Change.” The “Green New Deal” was launched with great fanfare by the batty former Bronx barkeep, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Yet it was readily apparent that the Green New Deal, if ever enacted, will destroy the nation’s economy. Totalitarians love to destroy anything or anyone, so it’s a dream come true. Stalin is surely doing a little jig in hell.

Democrats have been greatly affronted by the ridicule their modest plan has received. Average Americans just don’t appreciate creative destruction. According to Bernie Sanders, major cities will be underwater in eight or nine years, anyway. We’re all deader than a 12-pound turkey on Thanksgiving morn. But dour Democrats would rather moan and gnash their teeth about earth’s end than party like it’s 1999. Killjoys.

Illegals and the Border Wall. Compassion – and millions of votes – drive Democrats to flood the nation with illegals. Or as they say with straight faces, “the undocumented.” Keep the apple pie, power-lust is what Democrats salivate for. A border wall? Nah, modern technology can be monkeyed with to fool us into believing that illegals aren’t pouring across our southern border. It’s kinda like a video game – the programmers’ rule. Why can’t Deplorables clue in? Shut up and play the game.

Racism. Every white in America is a racist by virtue of birth. Every “person of color” can’t be a racist… something to do with genetics, we’ll guess. Except whites who are progressives. They get a pass. Why in the name of the sainted Margret Sanger can’t white folk get that they’re bigoted rabble in need of a good beating down? Reparations are a moral good – and a 10% fee for managing a reparations heist is fair compensation for white progressives, no?

Infanticide. Forget the old Bill Clinton trope that abortion needs to be “rare and necessary.” Pete Buttigieg is leading the pack in the very late term abortions sweepstakes. A baby is only a baby when he or she draws his or her first breath, Pete swears. So, a nanosecond before a baby is born, a “humane termination of a fetus is permissible.” The “first breath” stuff has a sorta creepy Josef Mengele feel to it. But its gaining adherents among Democrats. Yet knuckle-draggers keep insisting that a baby in the womb is a… baby. Heck, these primitives insist that a baby killed just before its first breath is barbarism. They embrace God and common sense. These cave-dwellers are standing in the way of wholesale slaughter and progress. Ask Virginia Democrat governor Ralph Northam about that.

Guns. The 2nd Amendment is archaic. Yet millions of obstructionists insist otherwise. Why bother trying to amend the Constitution to ban guns? It’s too much trouble and, besides, efforts will fail. Guns kill, not people who use guns. NRA nuts keep pounding the inane point that people kill, though. Just confiscate guns. Maybe Antifa can be recruited to go door-to-door?

Homeless. The homeless have a right to camp on public sidewalks – as well as urinate and defecate on them. Oh, and to bum money off passersby… or to dump a bucket of diarrhea on a pedestrian for laughs. And to shoot up and pop pills and smoke dope wherever. This is all quite cosmopolitan, but the yokels keep bellyaching about the deterioration and decline of U.S. cities. Who’s the real problem, huh?

That starts the Democrats’ list of gripes. Until American and Western civilizations are leveled, until diabolical white patriarchy can be erased, the bitchin’ makes Democrats’ Unthankfulgivings the joyful events that people with personality disorders flock to. Bet on it.

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