NEWSFEED THURSDAY: Pelosi’s Televised Impeachment Statement from Hell

J Robert Smith

  • Dec. 5, 2019
  • 3 min read

Here we may reign secure, and in my choyce

To reign is worth ambition though in Hell:

Better to reign in Hell, then serve in Heav’n

John Milton, Paradise Lost


There’s a teaching moment in cynicism available for your kids. It can be seen on ABC News via YouTube. Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t just play a cynic, she is one. So thoroughly a cynic that Pelosi’s thick makeup barely hid the corrosion underneath. The speaker accused President Trump of committing treason – well, practically. That was once a hanging offense.

Pelosi’s statement on impeachment referred a lot to the founding fathers. She actually referred to God. Doubtless, these were focus group tested ploys. The aim is to convince independents that the Democrats are just doing their duty – however sadly and reluctantly. Democrats don’t want to destroy Trump because they loathe him. Satisfying their power-lust doesn’t factor in. Perish those thoughts.

Leftist-indoctrinated Democrats hold a barely concealed contempt for the founders. Pelosi cited James Madison. Madison – like Washington and Jefferson – was a slaveholder. He was also a lily-white male.

White patriarchy is much reviled by the left. For the sins of slavery and being a white man, Madison must be booted from the American pantheon. School textbooks must portray Madison in a revisionist light. Statues of Madison need to be toppled – except when he’s useful. On Thursday morning, Pelosi found James Madison very useful.

The same with God. The left are increasingly atheists. God must be booted from the public square. Believers are to be stigmatized like smokers. Keep the God stuff confined to your churches and houses. Say anything good about God publicly, we’ll fine you – or worse. Except when God is useful. Among independent voters are many people of faith. Pelosi appealing to divine Providence is a 10 out of 10 on the cynicism meter.

Senate Republicans won’t vote to remove Trump, so maybe Pelosi has a backup plan. The speaker might have tasked Adam Schiff to scour the Capitol grounds for a suitable tall tree. The pot lobby can furnish heavy-duty hemp rope. A hangin’ it is!

Facts don’t matter. Trump is guilty of whatever because he’s in the way and poses a long-term threat. Democrats, in all their glorious conceit, swore that Barack Obama’s ascension marked the dawning of a new age. Bolder big government had arrived. Socialism was right around the bend. For Democrats, laying Trump low is a prerequisite to regaining the power they feel entitled to. Elections only have consequences when they go Democrats’ ways.

The president’s transcribed chat with Ukrainian President Zelensky was released by the White House. It’s a Nothing Whopper. Zelensky stated the president wasn’t trying to leverage military aid to get dirt on Corm Pop’s best bro, Joe Biden, and his wayward son, Hunter. Zelensky’ s declaration of Trump’s innocence matters zilch.

Democrats are indulging in an orgy of lies and ginned up charges against a sitting president – a blameless man, not incidentally. But no matter. Lies and false accusations are the best cards Democrats have to play. Keep lying big, said Goebbels, and the lies eventually become believable.

Pelosi knows that Trump will remain in office until his term expires. The goal is to so tar the president that it wrecks his reelection chances. The entire affair so reeks of partisanship and dirty politics that Democrats are increasing people’s contempt. Democrats are mocking justice by politicizing it. This will not only harden and deepen distrust for politicians – if that’s possible – but cast government in a much dimmer light.

Perhaps good will come out of the Democrat’s farce? Reinforcing Americans’ conviction that they aren’t wrong – that politicians are just grasping, self-serving cads – has upsides. Affirming in people’s minds that the system is rigged, and that government’s powers are being used for sinister purposes, nurtures greater distrust of government. That’s much healthier for a free society. People running into the open arms of Bernie Sanders, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and every other crackpot leftist in the Democrats’ alternative universe is terrible for liberty.

Perhaps the consequence of the Democrats’ power grab is God’s and the founders’ best revenge?

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