Reelect President Trump. The Nation’s Life Depends on It!

J Robert Smith

  • Oct. 26, 2020
  • 1 min read

The forces arrayed against President Trump and us average Americans are powerful. Democrats, the left, global corporate interests, Big Tech, the mainstream media, leftist-controlled education institutions, foreign adversaries (read China), and DC lifers. They aim to destroy liberty and restrict, if not erase, our rights.

In blue states, Democrats draconian policies have crushed economies, destroying tens of thousands of small businesses and throwing millions of people out of work. Joe Biden is threatening a national shutdown to “defeat” COVID if he’s elected president. Doing so would plunge the nation into a depression as bad or worse than what the nation experienced in the 1930s.

But we, the American people, have it in our power to defeat these forces. Remember the Revolution. Then, patriots defeated the the British Empire, the mightiest power on the face of the earth. If American revolutionaries could send the British packing, this generation of patriots can send packing the cynical ant-liberty – frankly anti-American – coalition that Joe Biden is fronting.

If you haven’t voted, vote – preferably in person to defeat Democrat ballot fraud attempts. Encourage like-minded family, friends, and neighbors to cast their ballots. This is the most critical election since the Lincoln reelection in 1864.

America is at a crossroads. We can either reelect President Trump, and win the fight to restore a full measure of liberty under God, or we turn our nation over to dark forces that intend to create a nation that embodies the very opposite of what our founders intended.

On to victory!

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