This Time, It Really Is the Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes

Hunter Biden

Rob Meyne

  • Oct. 27, 2020
  • 5 min read

A good rule for politics, if not in life, is this: when people tell you what they are going to do, listen. If someone is threatening to castrate you, don’t hand them a razor and say, “I don’t think they’re really going to do it.” While campaign promises in general are often not kept, those that increase the power of the victor usually take high priority. The Democratic leaders are telling America, both implicitly and explicitly, this: if they win the House, Senate, and White House, they’ll do whatever it takes to undo what Trump has accomplished. Note the astonishingly cynical nature of it all. Most leaders, like Chuck Schumer, are plainly, nakedly admitting that, first chance they get, they will turn over the board and dump all of the chess pieces on the floor. Entirely and exclusively because they lost.

At press time, it is unknown whether Schumer will threaten to hold his breath until he turns blue.

Chuckles said Monday the 26th was the worst day in the history of the Senate. Why? Because a president nominated someone to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court and the Senate confirmed them. Got that? Schumer is upset the president and senate did their jobs. And it is exactly what the Constitution tells them to do and exactly what the Democrats demanded be done in 2016. Now, four years hence, up is down, black is white, Al Gore has a personality, and the Dems are saying the precise opposite of what they did during Obama Administration.

In 2016, with a Democrat in the White House, a Republican Senate chose not to have a vote on a SCOTUS nominee. Historically, that is what happens when a vacancy occurs during an election year and party control of the WH and Senate is split. Nominations are always made and usually not approved. When the Senate and White House are held by the same party, they are usually approved. That simple.

Call the waaaaambulance. Presidential terms aren’t three years, or three and one half. And even the sainted RBG said appointments should be made in election years.

You may argue that both parties are singing a different tune than they did four years ago. The situation is different this year, but, if that makes you feel better, go ahead and say it is hypocrisy. But if the GOP is being hypocritical, so are the Dems. As Obama was fond of saying, elections have consequences. Get over it. Rent a spine. And work harder the next time. Note, also, that until 2013, the Senate was required to approve federal judicial nominees by a minimum of sixty votes. Harry “Whore House” Reid decided then to remove the requirement that judicial nominees be approved by a filibuster-proof margin. Short-term thinking can be a real problem for politicians.

Here in Nevada, where many people in power have known Reid for many years, there is a general consensus that his lack of ethics is overshadowed only by his need to lie. Reid famously made up a story that Mitt Romney – this was back when many of us actually thought Romney himself was worthy of respect – had paid no federal taxes for ten years.

Reid had simply made up the story. There was no truth to it. But such details aren’t even a blip on the radar screen for Harry.

He later bragged about how effective the lie was, to a reporter, on camera. Harry is nothing if not arrogant. He said, and I quote, “It worked, didn’t it?”

The ends justify the means. Machiavelli would have been disgusted by this guy. His sine qua non is a thirst for power that renders veracity irrelevant.

Today, when people project the winner a statewide race in Nevada, it is simply understood that, if Republicans have a chance, they need to win by at least a few points, or the Democratic machine will simply steal it. It is as well-accepted as the fact that summers here can get a tad warm.

Schumer may not ever be able to match the total lack of character that defines Harry Reid, but he did learn something at his side. Schumer is also devoid of a need to pretend to tell the truth. If it served his purposes, Schumer could deliver a heartfelt speech claiming the sky is green, the Earth is a triangle, and gila monsters deserve to be given the vote. He would even conjure up a tear in his eye as he spoke. He would advocate mandatory public boiling of puppies if it would get him a vote he needed.

Being possessed of flexible morals can be useful but isn’t necessarily a good foundation for governing. And, as the Democrats who fluffed Harry for all those years have learned, rules changes intended to screw the other guys can sometimes come back to haunt you. The fear here, however, is this: if America gives the keys to the kingdom to the Dems, and they sweep both houses and the presidency, the GOP may never be able to scratch its way back. For the first time, Dem leadership is openly promising to make fundamental changes in the system, from which the two-party system may never recover. They would not need a single vote to end the filibuster for all Senate business, pack the court, give illegals the vote, lower the voting age to 16, loosen border security, and make DC and PR states. They could do it in the time between your shrimp cocktail and after dinner cordials at the Capital Grille if they wanted to.

Such measures would spell the death of the two-party system. And they would threaten the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic.

Meanwhile, the corruption embodied by the Joe and Hunter Fun Club grows clearer by the day. The Bidens, who haven’t even bothered to question the genuineness of the laptop and emails, are counting on being able to run out the clock before justice gets in the way. And take this to the bank: if Biden wins, no one will ever be held accountable for the corruption of the Obama Administration and the intelligence community. And Hunter will be able to cash in bigger than ever.

In the meantime, sadly, the candidate whose slogan can be summed up as “Trump sucks” looks like he may carry the day. Biden takes his marching orders from the extreme left, and if he enters the White House they will awaken him from his nap long enough to get his signature on thing or two and let him drift back to sleep until the need to prop him up again, Weekend at Bernie’s style, just long enough for a photo op.

Major, destructive changes in free societies aren’t always a surprise. Sometimes they are clear, public, and bold. Welcome to 2020. If Biden – Harris had an extended middle finger as their logo their intentions and contempt for you and me could not be clearer.

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