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Is Compromise Possible When You Can’t Even Agree on Whether the Sky Is Blue

Rob Meyne

  • April 1, 2020
  • 4 min read

Most in the mainstream media place President Trump somewhere on a spectrum that runs from worthless, to dangerous, to evil. Hopefully, the opinions of future historians will not necessarily be clouded by slavish devotion to the Left/Democratic Party/Socialists/media (but I repeat myself).

It would seem logical that people who fail at something, and want not to fail the next time, would ask what they need to do differently? If you hit a golf ball into the rough, you generally assume you did something wrong. You don’t assume the bad shot was the result of demonic intervention, a gypsy spell, or the heartbreak of psoriasis. If you want to hit the next shot better, you need to, well, hit it better.

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