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Is Mental Illness Destroying America?

By J Robert Smith

  • Sept. 24, 2023
  • 1-min read

Christopher Rufo, who wears a few hats, including “senior fellow and director of the initiative on critical race theory at the Manhattan Institute,” has produced an 11-minute video everyone should watch. It’s called, The Cluster B Society. It’s about how the mentally ill have worked their way into positions of power and authority in government and private institutions. The breakdown of societal norms — the rejection that truth and reality exist outside ourselves — are principal culprits in excusing a range of mentally and emotionally troubled people who follow their ambitions, ambitions that lead them to have a lot of sway over our lives.

More specifically, it’s about female mental illness. With the rise of women — women who have assumed more decision-making roles — the forms of mental illness that afflict women most peculiarly are impacting society. And, please, let’s not hear this feminist twaddle that there aren’t differences between men and women. There are and there always was, and there always will be. Those differences — the healthy ones — must work in tandem to make society function successfully.

Is there mental and emotional illness among men? You bet. Most everyone has had psycho bosses, male and female. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were likely psychotic (none of these men were ever examined by mental health professionals, so there are no definitive diagnoses).

But mental illness can’t explain everything. There’s evil in the world, too. Lots of it. I’ll make the argument that perfectly mentally healthy people can choose to do terrible things because they’ve calculated a benefit to themselves. They choose evil over good because they gain somehow.

In modern society, ofttimes, murder, rape, child abuse, assault, theft — whatever — are excused as crimes people have committed because of circumstances and/or deranged minds. Not all criminals are insane, not by a long shot. Many are perfectly sane yet make decisions that are wrong — even evil — because they see advantages to themselves. We all know the Seven Deadly Sins.

The people running our institutions — in and out of government — most often aren’t criminal (though more appear to be). Unethical behavior, though abominable, isn’t necessarily criminal. If it were, presidents, members of Congress, CEOs, and law firm senior partners would be jailed routinely.

Regardless, I believe Rufo is making an excellent point. Mentally and emotionally troubled people — particularly women — have ridden their ambitions up ladders. They are contributors to society’s ongoing destabilization and collapse. Notice, too, that the implosion of American society seems to be happening at a quicker pace with each passing week and month.

The solution from Rufo’s perspective? Watch his impactful video to find out.

See Christopher Rufo’s short video at Rumble: Click here to watch.

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