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NEWSFEED THURSDAY: The Twilight of Progressivism?

J Robert Smith

  • Sept. 26, 2019
  • 3 min read

Progressive activists have called to end the criminalization of homeless people and roll back rules that bar sleeping on sidewalks. [snip]

— Los Angeles Times, via MSN News, September 25, 2019

Instead, Pelosi [in launching an impeachment inquiry] plunged the country into a nightmare by surrendering to the most radical members of her party and the Trump-hating left-wing press. [snip]

— Michael Goodwin, New York Post, September 25, 2019


Have we entered the twilight phase of “progressivism?” That’s its end times – which we should fervently pray for. Progressives – aka, leftists – have cut a destructive swath through American society since the 1960s. Will their destructiveness finally consume them… before it consumes us?
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