The Biden Cabal’s Executive Order Putsch

J Robert Smith

  • Feb 25
  • 2 min read

Updated: Feb. 26, 2021

In Biden’s Washington, there’s no such thing as legislating. Democrats control the U.S. House and, practically, the Senate, but out of the chute, addled Joe Biden’s administration is relying on executive orders to revoke Trump’s accomplishments and dramatically reshape America – or try to. We’re seeing how the modern Democratic Party wants to run America: via fiat.

That’s not how our system of government is designed to work, of course. Congress and the president are supposed to work in tandem to make broader policies – policies that fundamentally impact every American’s life. With Democrat congressional majorities, why isn’t Biden’s handlers seeking a legislative route?

This from The Epoch Times, February 24, 2021:

President Joe Biden revoked seven executive orders on Feb. 24 issued by President Donald Trump between 2017 and 2021. The White House offered no explanation for the revocation in its formal press release.

Per The Epoch Times, the Biden Administration announced these executive orders without any explanations. Evidently, members of Congress and the American people don’t need to be explained to. Governing is to be a top-down affair. We’re to just stay silent and accept whatever the Biden cabal decides. “Transforming” America is their property.

Prior to the seven executive orders signed by Biden, his administration had issued another 56. That means Biden is now on track to outstrip FDR in the volume of executive orders promulgated. Former president Donald J. Trump comes in third.

Most notably, Biden’s dicta have destroyed tens of thousands of jobs by scuttling the Keystone Pipeline XL, opened the floodgates to mass illegal immigration, and reengaged the U.S. in the foolish Paris Climate Accord, because, as John Kerry, Biden’s “Climate Envoy,” lectured us, the world will perish in nine years if we don’t vanquish “manmade” climate change. (Kerry’s delusion or cynicism merits a separate analysis in the future.)

Big issues require the engagement of the nation’s elected representatives. Members of Congress should be debating and thrashing out legislation that impacts energy, immigration, and the environment. Those are global issues that matter to 330 million Americans… they matter to their livelihoods, families, communities, quality of life, safety, and liberties.

Instead, Democrats are delivering government by dicta. It should disturb all of us that Democrats are choosing to do so. That doesn’t just smell like authoritarianism. It is authoritarianism. It’s damn well not the American Way.

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