Do Democrats Want a New Trail of Tears?

J Robert Smith

  • Mar 3
  • 5 min read

The times may change, but it’s reassuring to know that some things don’t, like the Democratic Party. Along with the cosmic sins of slavery and abortion, Democrats are chiefly culpable for a sin less often recognized: American Indian removal and extermination, the latter either being an expedient or last resort, depending on circumstances.

Democrats and their progenitors, who long preceded Republicans – Whigs were the minor party during the Democracy’s pre-Civil War zenith – created the template for the relentless subjugation of our red brethren. The Trail of Tears carries the Democrats’ seal.

Today, we’re witnessing a parallel development. It’s as shameful as the waylaying of red peoples, but it surpasses in ambition and scope the Democrats’ pitiless policies of yore.

You see, tag we’re it. The shingle has been hung out again: Democrats are back in the subjugation racket. This time, though, the targets aren’t American Indians – unless they get in the way. It’s other red-blooded Americans. Millions upon millions of us, from Maine to California and back again. Ascendant leftist Democrats, fire in their beady eyes, aim to push to social extinction Americans who aren’t them. This isn’t conjecture. The evidence is plentiful and all around us.

Totalitarianism was but a glimmer in Karl Marx’s eye when Democrats were kickstarting their oppression of American Indians. Since then, totalitarianism has been developed, tried, and is always being fine-tuned. The results since the Bolshevik coup in Mother Russia have devastated humanity.

The evidence available shows that Democrats have wed totalitarianism to their impulse to subjugate. It’s this confluence that stokes their ambition to “transform” America.

While the Democratic Party is embarking on a modern pogrom, the good news is that opposition is mounting, and it appears that the Senate may be a stumbling block to the more radicalized intentions of House Democrats. Joe Manchin’s opposition to ending the Senate filibuster makes it so. Red states are starting to nix mask mandates and remove the chains from businesses. Texas and Mississippi just joined Florida, South Dakota, and Ohio in helping ending the madness. Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss may prove watersheds in the fight against free speech assaults.

Nonetheless, Democrats are an ideologically-driven and power-lusting bunch. A stake needs to be driven through their destructive worldview to kill them off.

But as counteroffensives develop, it pays to examine what Democrats are doing out-of-the-box in the pretender president’s first weeks in office.

Consider the executive orders that Biden’s handlers have hustled out the White House door. Aside from being on pace to set a record for the most executive orders issued, the Biden administration is advancing said orders as first strikes on traditional America.

The executive orders encompass attacks on the conventional energy sector (Keystone XL Pipeline for starters), reengages the inane Paris Climate Accord (the harmful Green New Deal awaits), and pries open the floodgates to illegal immigration (legalizing millions of illegals coming).

Out of the box, Pelosi is legislating H.R. 1, which would institutionalize last November’s elections “irregularities.” If the farcically named “For the People Act of 2021” passes and withstands court challenges, fair and honest elections end, though leftists will insist – with straight faces worthy of Orwell’s 1984 – that subversion is fair and honest.

What about that grotesque sendup of equality, the Equality Act? It aims to impose a twisted leftist ethos on Americans. It mocks nature. It asserts that reality can be pulled and twisted like taffy. Our rights to act – or abstain from acting – in accord with our consciences and religious beliefs are of no account.

Males who choose to take a walk on the wild side must be accorded the rights of females, and vice versa. Real-deal female athletes can lump it. Public toilets, dressing rooms, and gym showers are to be open to gender chameleons. Distinctions between men and women are to be erased – as if the moon and stars can be driven from the night skies.

In more news of the weird, nutjob California Democrats have a measure that “would make it a crime for businesses in the state that sell children’s toys to separate them based on gender.”

That legislation seems trivial, but understand, it’s the sum of countless smaller measures championed by Democrats that helps push the extermination of traditional America.

Under the Equality Act, abortion isn’t a choice, not for healthcare providers with religious beliefs that – get this – instruct them that human life begins at conception. Real science isn’t to obstruct the ongoing genocide of the most defenseless among us. Pre-birth babies are biologically contingent, but they’re not a “woman’s body.” Any halfwit can reckon that, but no matter. Refuse to kill babies in utero and medical personnel will have to face the law.

The list of attacks underway or under construction by Democrats and their henchmen is long. Assaults on free speech are rolling along. Big Tech revved up that offensive. Of course, only an “insurrectionist” would challenge the 2020 elections results. Coming soon, “climate change deniers” better expect a thorough hounding. Biden’s crew is pushing to criminalize over 100 million gun owners.

Need we recite all the pain and suffering inflicted by state lockdowns, particularly in blue states? Small businesses and jobs, body-slammed. Freedom to worship, abridged. You’re forced to wear a mask, with scant public health benefit, but it does test-run shackles.

Schools across the land are indoctrination centers. Democrats are hellbent on forcing urban grittiness into the ‘burbs with ample new public housing. Start appreciating graffiti and vagrant squatters. Crime and filth are cool. Antifa and BLM will protect you.

The difference between past and present is that American Indians suffered sizable disadvantages. We don’t. We’re actually a majority – definitely so when factoring in citizens who, if they come to grips with the magnitude of the threat, would swell our ranks. We have the resources and know-how that red peoples lacked. But that won’t back off Democrats. Power-lust, sanctimony, and delusion turbocharge their engines.

If we marshal our resources and organize, we can – with time and God’s grace – dispatch these devilish oppressors. The choice is ours. Trump’s reemergence at CPAC on Sunday provides the catalyst. But let’s not fool ourselves. The struggle will come with costs. Freedom was, is, and always will be a hard-won venture.

An old Cherokee saying goes, “Pay attention to the whispers, so we won’t have to listen to the screams.” The bonus now is that no one’s whispering. The warnings are loud, and becoming louder. Democrats are amply demonstrating that they’re stone-cold serious about ending traditional America. The fight for liberty is on. Fight like your freedom and way of life depend on it, because they really do.

J. Robert Smith can be found on Parler @JRobertSmith, and is new to Gab, again @JRobertSmith.

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