Two Fools: Tlaib and Graham

By J Robert Smith

  • Oct. 16, 2023
  • 4-min read

Last week, after Hamas attacked Israeli civilians, welcomed words of sympathy and support poured forth for Israel from Americans. Prominent Americans doing so included politicians, of course, though a good many Democrats were mute. Their quiet was reminiscent of 2020, when BLM and Antifa stoked “George Floyd” riots ran riot in Democrat-run cities. Silence is a form of consent.

Some, like Rashida Tlaib, a Detroit congresswoman – and notoriously, vehemently anti-Israel – couldn’t bring herself to answer a simple question from Fox News reporter Hillary Vaughn about those valiant Hamas terrorists butchering Israeli infants. Why, a five-year-old would have had no difficulty condemning such an act. But for Tlaib, judging by her silence, the question was fraught with circuit-overloading complexity. Or maybe it was just a case of quiet approval?

In the last couple of days, under withering criticism – and a possible House censure vote – Tlaib is backpedaling. But, heck, we kinda really knew where her heart is, and it ain’t with dead innocent Jews.

We had no trouble anticipating how Tlaib, Omar, AOC – and the other fools who make up the ridiculous Squad – would react to Hamas atrocities. Nor did we expect neocons – of a GOP stripe – to respond in any other way than calling for war.

Mind you, the Israelis have never asked the U.S. to fight it’s wars. They’ve asked for the means to fight, which we’ve gladly provided, but not for American boots on the ground. The military industrial complex isn’t complaining. Arms sales are profit. Israel eviscerating Hamas is a good and necessary thing, no question. American support is a plus.

But arm sales or not, neocons want in on the action. That would be young Americans dying in a conflict somewhere. Since Iran backs Hamas – financially, with weapons, and training – they’re focusing on warring with Iran.

The biggest mouth among the neocons – South Carolina Republican senator Lindsey Graham – wants war with Iran; he’s blustering about it a lot. War – any war, anywhere – is his default position, actually. Rev up the tanks and let the missiles fly, be that toward Russia, China, Iran, or fill in the blank. Graham is open to suggestions.

Not getting a major war with Russia – to date, anyway – has frustrated neocons in both parties. Hillary Clinton and Democrats have had a weird Russia obsession for nearly a decade. The sinister Russians have been the cause of everything bad in the Democrats universe, they bleat incessantly. The reptilian Hillary lost the presidency in 2016 because Donald Trump colluded with Vlad Putin. Yeah, and aliens want to abduct Bill and Hillary. Maybe little green men are conspiring with Putin, too?

Russia is a treasure trove of natural resources. The Black Rock Financials of the world want to get its grubby paws on those resources. For Black Rock and its thoroughly corrupt establishment allies, it’s always about following the money.

Money drives the Clintons. It drives the Washington establishment. And for the record, you don’t have to be a Putin fan. In fact, Putin is a bad guy. But so is Joe Biden. So is – yes, you’ve guessed it – Hillary, whose pronoun is unknown. We’re at a time in the world where the bad guys – to varying degrees – run things. May the Good Lord lay them all low.

As long as venal Hillary and the venal DC establishment have their hands on the levers of power, the risk of war with Russia remains. They seem to care not about what the consequences of major war with Russia would be, including escalation to nuclear conflict.

But back to Graham. Fortunately, Graham has beclowned himself with his regular calls for war. Even a neocon like Bill Krystal must cringe a smidge. That Graham is Trump’s buddy is a little unsettling. Graham has a solid network in South Carolina, so Trump is leaning on him to steamroll DeSantis and the rest of the GOP field there. But may Graham never hold a portfolio in a Trump administration, not anything to do with foreign affairs and defense, anyway. South Carolina GOP primary voters would do the country a favor by dumping Graham the next time his Senate seat is up.

America is a “diverse” country. We have Tlaib and her ilk who champion the cause of Hamas, which is unambiguously evil and cowardly (attacking Israeli innocents doesn’t take cojones). Then we have Lindsey Graham and his crowd, who are more than willing to send our sons and daughters to die in wars where the U.S. has absolutely no vital interests. None.

The great middle of America needs to take control of the nation again and punt these fools to the very margins of society. Let Tlaib run a Middle Eastern sandwich shop in Detroit and let Graham run a bait and tackle hut in South Carolina. Good riddance to both.

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