What Muslim Ban?

By Dr. Robert Scott & Rob Meyne

  • Jan. 4, 2022
  • 4-min read

Supporters of a leftist, pro-government, anti-freedom agenda are in charge in Washington. They control both the legislative and executive branches and hold all important leadership positions in the Democratic Party. Their top priorities are policies that are not necessarily popular with the American people but are essential dogma for the far left.

Examples abound, but consider just one: their border policy. Americans don’t support open borders. Yet Democratic leaders have chosen not to enforce immigration laws, to welcome illegals without conducting background checks, do not determine if they are political refugees, do not test them for COVID, and relocate them in communities across the country.

Florida alone was the destination of more than 70 government flights, in the dark of night, unscheduled and unannounced, moving in illegal aliens collected at the border. The Biden Administration does not even notify local officials or coordinate with them. If that doesn’t constitute an “open border,” then the term has no meaning.

How do these leftists succeed in embracing unpopular policies that are detrimental to the good of the nation? Simple: the mainstream media does not hold them accountable. The legacy media either ignores stories or reports them misleadingly.

Democratic Party leaders also promote counter narratives that falsely claim supporters of border security are racist. They keep criticism directed to the other party, thus avoiding accountability for their own faults. When they are occasionally asked about it, they simply lie.

Immigration policy is a good example of an issue where Democratic/leftist success depends on a lot of Americans, and the media, believing and promoting a lie. In this instance, the falsehood is that conservatives/Republicans are racist, and want people kept out of the country based on their race or ethnicity. Most conservatives and GOP followers favor legal immigration. But if you are opposed to illegal immigration you are branded as a racist.

Leftists refer to “Trump’s Muslim ban” as proof. They are lying, and demonstrably so. But that doesn’t stop them.

When President Trump took actions to restrict travel for people from nations that may be a security risk, he was accused of banning Muslims. In fact, there is no ban on Muslims entering the country, and there never has been. The list of nations to which it was applied originated in the Obama Administration, based on security problems identified in those nations.

Religion had nothing to do with the process. Each nation was selected because of their record of poor airport security. Yet it was widely reported as a “Muslim ban.” No wonder huge numbers of Americans believed it.

These terrorism-related actions, as well as the 2020 temporary halt on travel from the Wuhan area of China, where COVID 19 originated, brought wide condemnation from the left. Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer criticized President Trump for being xenophobic and racist.

A little more than a year later, President Biden issued orders completely banning travel from seven African nations. Biden even banned travel from nations where the new COVID Omicron variant hadn’t yet even been detected. None of the people who claimed Trump’s actions were racist criticized Biden’s.

You would think some leftists would occasionally try to be principled and consistent -– either claiming neither of these acts was racist, or they both were -– to enhance their credibility. Of course, if you are never asked to defend your position, you don’t have to be able to do it.

The seven countries listed as “countries of concern” by the Obama Administration: Iran, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and the Muslim “meccas” of Venezuela, and North Korea. When President Trump issued travel restrictions on those nations, the ACLU, which used to be devoted to protecting constitutional freedoms, filed suit to stop them. They declared it was an attack on religious freedom. The Supreme Court said “no,” thankfully getting it right.

The restrictions for Venezuela made little difference to Muslims. Venezuela’s population is .4 percent Muslim which is 0.007 percent (1 of each 14,375) of the world’s population of Muslims. Venezuela does have millions of Catholics, so maybe they could have claimed it was a Catholic ban?

North Korea was affected, too, but Pew Research estimates there were only 3,000 Muslims in Korea in 2017. That’s out of a population of 25,610,672! So, it would be hard to claim it was directed at Muslims.

The other affected countries have large Muslim populations, but it is a small part of the global total. Pew maintains the remaining five nations are home to more than 148,000,000 Muslims. That is 8.24 percent (about 1 of 12) of the world’s 1,800,000,000 total. Eventually, the addition of a few other nations brought the grand total of affected Muslims to about 12 percent (1 in 8 worldwide).

While the inaccurate accusation is that it was all intended to ban Muslims, very few of the world’s Muslims were even impacted. If Sweden, Argentina, or the Maldives had poor records on airline security, they would have been included as well. All this shows, once again, that when the left cannot truthfully assail the positions of Donald Trump or other conservative Republicans, they generally do not hesitate to just make things up.

As we have observed before, if the left didn’t have double standards, they’d have none.

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