Why Is It Dangerous
To Ask Questions About January 6?

By Rob Meyne

  • Nov. 2, 2021
  • 2-min read

You’ve heard January 6 was the biggest attack on our democracy since the Civil War. This statement is so ridiculous, by itself, that you don’t need more examples. But you have also heard it was a deadly, armed action, with killings by domestic terrorists. You’ve heard it was an insurrection, seditious, a treasonous act. You’ve heard it was instigated, planned, and coordinated by Trump and his supporters.

The problem is none of that is supported by facts.

When Americans are being accused of committing treason, yet the FBI announces it has found no evidence of that, it should put an end to much of that talk. Check out the extensive discussion about whether January 6 involved treason or sedition, from the Guardian. (The Guardian: Treason or Sedition?)

It is inarguable that January 6 saw a riot. People should be held accountable for violence and any other criminal activities. If a protestor swung a flagpole at a police officer, or shot bear spray at them, they should be punished. No one in authority on either side denies that.

It is unproven, and hyperbolic in the extreme, to suggest it was a deadly insurrection. No one was killed that day by MAGA supporters. The only person shot was an unarmed female U. S. veteran who was killed in cold blood by a Capitol Hill police officer.

It is very important for leftists to keep you scared, convinced that domestic terrorists are our biggest threat, and more afraid of your neighbor than of foreign hostile nuclear powers. That is why they exaggerate the severity of the Capitol breach.

Not one news organization has done a full investigation into what really happened January 6. Until now. Tucker Carlson of FOX has done a three-part special on January 6. It is available online at TuckerCarlson.com or on Fox Nation. It examines who took part, how and whether they were organized, and what role law enforcement played in it.

We know, for example, there were FBI informers embedded among the protestors. We know that some Capitol Hill police officers simply opened doors and welcomed protestors inside. We know rioters broke windows and forced open doors. We know President Trump, that very morning, asked his supporters to be peaceful. What we do not know is how those various actions worked together and who bears what kind of responsibility. Carlson thinks it is important to find out.

You would think everyone would agree. Not so much. Dozens of political activists, media mouthpieces, and anti-Trumpers have condemned the report before they have even seen it. Got it? The very subject of the investigation, the attempt to learn more about the event, is so scary and troublesome that they don’t even want anyone to investigate it.

Imagine a question so serious you aren’t even allowed to ask it. That is how Dem leaders view January 6.

Liz Cheney, the former GOP leader who has devoted herself to trashing Trump full-time, assailed Carlson for even investigating the riot.

Left wing rags like Vanity Fair have gone out of their way to criticize Carlson and brand him as a conservative nut job BEFORE THE PIECE EVEN AIRED. You must be impressed by journalists who can analyze reporting they haven’t even seen. Impressive.
Unsurprisingly, CNN’s Jim Acosta vilified FOX for allowing the special to be produced or aired. Given the network’s low ratings, it is possible as many as a couple of dozen people saw his story.

A good rule of thumb is this: When a political cohort expresses anger, fear, and outrage about a question even being asked, it is a good sign you are on the right track. You’re asking the right questions, you’ve struck a nerve, and you probably ought to double down.

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